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    The 2nd Law box set
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    The Resistance box set
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    Le Galaxie - Amnéville 01/11/2009
    Wembley Stadium - London 10/09/2010
    Wembley Stadium - London 11/09/2010
    Reading Festival - Reading 25/08/2011
    The O2 - London 26/10/2012
    The O2 - London 27/10/2012
    O2 World - Hamburg 15/12/2012
    Shepherd's Bush Empire - London 18/02/2013
    Emirates Stadium - London 25/05/2013
    Emirates Stadium - London 26/05/2013
    WWZ, Horse Guards Parade - London 02/06/2013
    Stade de France - Paris 22/06/2013
    NOS Alive - Lisbon 09/07/2015
    Electric Ballroom - London 11/09/2015
    The O2 - London 11/04/2017
    The O2 - London 12/04/2017
    The O2 - London 14/04/2017
    The O2 - London 15/04/2017
    Shepherd's Bush Empire - London 19/08/2017
    Reading Festival - Reading 27/08/207
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  1. Well that's another crazy presale morning for the books. First it starts late, then I bag a Level 1 ticket which then proceeds to vanish from my basket and sets me off into panic mode. Thinking "well everything must be gone now" I manage to buy a Level 3 ticket. Obviously never got a Reading/Leeds presale email either, people post the link and I check it out out of curiosity and could have easily got a standing ticket, but oh well, Level 3 was great last time :awesome:
  2. Isolated System ans Suoremacy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkorsHK8zZc
  3. I know, I'm so sorry the next thing I know I see "Video blocked in some countries." message pop up, damn Warner What I don't understand is the Dead Star video from Shepherd's Bush for example isn't blocked.
  4. Damn, I should have booked a hotel right from the start, hmmm ...
  5. I just noticed, that Muse make me scream like a girl, I am one, but only Muse make me shriek like that For some reason I got a lot views on Supremacy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQ5yMa5MJSM USOE .... be only ooooooooooooooooooone http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOsERAMWxmg
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