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Lol. Something I put together when I was bored...




(Requires Flash Player.)


Click the rapidly switching words to stop them. When all 9 are clicked, that is your new Muse lyric.


I'll tweak it and update it further over time with more phrases and hopefully will make more sense.


Enjoy, post here your best results :p

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"I want to touch myself people becasue love can't expose your lies and I can't take souls and Chris" :wtf:
Haha, that didn't really work did it.


Pwoper :noey:
Forgive me, I was rushing to put it together and that seemed right at the time.


Some of these results are awesome, this works better than expected...tomorrow I'll add more words for greater variation. More love, souls and hearts too.

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I want to love evil evil because our love will love chris and I can't take souls underground.

I want to consume those love because our battles can slow down and I need to love Dom and Dom.

I want to avenge beautiful zetas because our universe won't be happy and I consume hearts for one moment.


Belldom and eating hearts and stealing souls and trapping them underground... O.O

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