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  1. <3 the only concert that ever mattered tbh
  2. they've mentioned it quite a few times it seems. still not buying it though
  3. I kinda hope that Matt's gonna try and sound a little bit less pompous with his voice on the new record.. Dunno how to explain it well, I guess he can't help it, but it would be nice if he could tone it down with the theatrics
  4. I don't think it has jack shit to do with their music. When you're uninspired, you're uninspired whether you take 5 years off or tour for 5 years straight.
  5. when you put the lyrics of survival in the original context it was written in, without the olympics thing (a crazy rich banker person and their ambitions) the lyrics are kinda ok.
  6. what else can you honestly take away from this? fans are so quick to jump onto the thought that R1 hates/has something against Muse, when it's even stupid to think that such a huge radio station would dislike anyone. They play what's selling and what manages to chart. As far as I know, Panic Station didn't even chart and that's probably why they didn't play it.
  7. Radio 1 have never said that Muse's music isn't good enough in terms of quality. They said that their music doesn't fit in with the demographic they are catering to and what's currently popular music. All this R1 person is saying that if Muse take a less ~mainstream direction that they might not get played on R1 because they just wouldn't fit in. end of yall need to learn how to read and stop jumping to conclusions
  8. This wank-bait thread title.... Why isn't it a real instrument? That's just such a dumbass thing to say. You do realize that people 60 or so years ago would say the same for the electric guitar? Keyboards and laptops don't just make songs in 2 seconds. You need talent for that too. This opinion is just sf dumb and it's clear that you need to listen to some electronic music because it seems like you're basing your opinion on what little electronic music you hear on the radio.
  9. I don't really think Muse tour too much. They have regular two week breaks between touring afaik. To be honest, I think you might be going through the usual thing of falling out of "love" with a band. You listen to them all the time and you keep track of what they're doing but as time goes on you kind of stop caring little by little. Could be this. In my own opinion, TR was a letdown. Felt completely dull. T2L was better but it doesn't really stand up to some of their earlier stuff from when they were younger.
  10. I guess I could see him talking about the whole inspiration behind T2L and whatnot, but it would be ironic to see him talking about preservation of resources, with what the stadium show looked like and all. Other than that, I can't guess anything else
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