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  1. Why not just eat your meat...raw? ...I don't know where I was going with that. I'm still worried the album will get overblown in the heavy direction and then very little care will be given in arranging the album in a cohesive, wholesome manner. That is one more point I feel that Muse has to try to get it right, not just the heaviness.
  2. Oh man that collision was so raaaww it kinda hurts actually In any case, interesting news. I guess they got him as producer because of his work with AC/DC, so my guess is that Muse are going to incorporate elements of classic rock into the album. Hope this goes well.
  3. You aren't exactly new here, but like Tjet said, you should post this in the U2 thread in the Other Music subforum. No reason to see why this should be an exception, your question isn't directly relevant to Muse. Tbh I was expecting you to ask "what if Muse did a similar thing etc. etc." Then again, Album Seven thread.
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