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  1. WARNING: UNPOPULAR OPINION I can't stand Space Dementia or Plug In Baby. On Space Dementia I can actually tell you why- Matt's voice sounds like Snape to me and it drives me up the wall for reasons I can't explain, not to mention making me think of Snape replacing the words with "Mister Potter, I loved your mother" every time I hear it and thus bringing me to uncontrollable giggles- but on Plug In Baby I'm not really sure. It's not that the lyrics don't make sense; I tend to like songs with nonsensical lyrics, they're like a little puzzle, a mystery, but in a song. I just listened to it too many times and I haven't been able to stand it since. I didn't even like seeing it live, which is saying something. I don't know. It pisses me off. Feel free to hate me.
  2. Wouldn't mind: --More clarinets --Full orchestra bits, like Exogenesis but with brass and woodwind sections added in --Madness-like basslines, but for more exciting songs (I love Madness but it is rather calm) --More Unsustainable-like songs, maybe not claiming energy can be destroyed while quoting 2nd law of thermodynamics though --More shows with the orchestra --Something Deadmau5-y --More Radiohead-y stuff --More Absolution-like piano parts --Dom writing a song (maybe not singing though) Also, I remember reading somewhere that Matt said if he were to write a musical, it'd be about a lonely space ranger who... and I don't really remember the rest, but I remember that whatever it was, it left me thinking, Congrats, Matt, you've just described the Doctor. But it got me thinking, what if he/Muse worked together with Steven Moffat or one of the other writers for Doctor Who and made a Doctor Who musical? (To be honest, I'm not too sure what I think of the idea myself but it sounds interesting.) Like, I would pay money to see that. Even if it sucked. Just because it's Doctor Who and Muse. Just a thought.
  3. I want to make 8-bit music/covers, but for free. What are the best free programs, if there are any, for doing so?
  4. So, my dad got a new camera because he thought it would help photograph my figure skating. What he didn't realize is that you need a super fast lens, and thus a much more expensive camera than he bought. I like this one though. I can take pictures like these: And, my favorite: (I did edit the colors a little bit on Elements, as the camera had trouble making some parts stand out )
  5. Alright, I haven't been on the forums in ages, let's see how this goes. This first one was an edit I made for a NaNoWriMo page I run on Google + (NaNoWriMo California, if anyone cares). I made it on Photoshop from scanned newspaper clippings, I believe from a Mercury News from 2010 I found lying around. I might do something Sherlock Holmes related later using the same idea but here it is... Okay, but this one's actually drawn on paper so I suppose it fits the forum a bit better. I tried to genderflip Flame Princess myself. It didn't work. (My scanner's worse than the art, though, so that's something.) (It did come from Google Plus so it's rather tiny :/) Feel free to laugh at me.
  6. Whenever I do that parts of my dream seem to follow me into real life. Like hallucinations, except probably rendered more by sleepiness and my subconscious than like, madness or whatever. It's like my brain can't register that the dream is over or something. It's freaky. But yeah, I do often try to put myself back to sleep if I don't finish a dream. But then the dream is different, and I never know what's going to happen. Or I just forget the dream within 20 minutes of waking up. It drives me NUTS!!! >
  7. I'd give them pumpkin bread. Homemade pumpkin bread. I dunno... i'm just craving pumpkin bread right now, and I can't see any reason why they wouldn't love pumpkin bread. And if not pumpkin bread a gift card to Starbucks so they could have tea.
  8. This one's largely figure skating-themed, if you're not a figure skater you may not get some of the things I reference... I had this weird/awesome dream that I was practicing ice skating at this weird rink my brain made up, and Matt and Kate were there, except Kate had kinda been merged with Rachael Flatt because she looked more like her and kept going around doing triples and awesome combo spins. And then she came over and talked to me, and I landed my axel And then Dom came out skating in this weird slightly disturbing bird costume, and he couldn't skate very well, and he ended up landing on his butt and crying and I helped him up and he hugged me. He kissed me on the cheek and I giggled, and then I woke up
  9. Well, I had this dream once that I was at this big, massive Muse concert on some sort of beach. It was really sunny, and it was outdoors, and the arena or whatever was massive and made of neon colors. I don't really remember much about it except that people started doing dives from the top of the stadium into this massive pool at the bottom, and Matt got all scared and started yelling in some ancient language. Except then the scene changed, and Dom was about to jump off a building. Right before he fell, Matt ran over and caught him, and held him crying. (Belldom, I know, but whatever.) He was all like, "Why would you do this? Why would you want to die?" but Dom wasn't listening. He struggled to get out of his arms and eventually jumped off. Matt ran over and started crying by the ledge, shouting, "DOM, NOOOO!!!!" and reaching his hand over in a way that reminded me of the Doctor after the Ponds had jumped off. But there was no paradox to save him; there was only Dom's body on the ground, broken and drowning in blood. Chris came over and held Matt, and Matt hugged him and they were both sobbing into each others' shoulders. It was terrible. :'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'( I woke up with Jumper by Third Eye Blind playing in the back of my head, which just made everything sadder. It actually took quite a while for me to convince myself that Dom was still alive. It truly, genuinely sucked.
  10. If I were the Doctor, I'd stop by after one of their concerts with the TARDIS and offer them a ride through space and time. Most likely I'd take them somewhere kind of like Earth, but kind of different, at the same time. Or even just stop in the middle of space and let them gaze at it, for as long as they want. (This would mainly be for Matt's enjoyment but I honestly can't see how Chris and Dom could not love it. It's just... the whole universe laid out before them, with the choice to travel anywhen and anywhere. It'd be the best gift in all of space and time.) Of course, I'm not the Doctor, so I'd probably just give them a big hug, and not much else. Maybe take them out somewhere for dinner. I dunno. I just wanna make them smile.
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