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  1. The crowd were truly awful!! The man behind us actually told us off for standing, which really put a downer on us (for a couple of songs anyway!). I wasn't going to be stopped though and got up and screamed along despite how dire the others in my area were - there were literally only 7 other people standing. I am too 'old' for the stands these days - but even the people down there seemed quiet
  2. MandaF


    I still, after many months, love it and am looking forward to hearing it live more than any other song I can think of, IF I get to see them next year. Same for Revolt
  3. Showbiz: Overdue OoS: Micro Cuts Absolution: Blackout BH&R: Soldier’s Poem TR: Unnatural Selection T2L: Save Me Drones: Drones
  4. Uno Citizen Erased Butterflies and Hurricanes Map of the Problematique United States of Eurasia Survival The Handler
  5. http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?t=87513 Don't know if this link will work but I started this years ago and is similar to this thread x
  6. I am adoring this album. I tentatively want to say that I love it so much that it is overwhelming all the love I have for the other albums just now Maybe that is early album fever - idk, but I never once had this feeling for TR or T2L on their release.
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