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    Showbiz, OoS, Hullabaloo, Absolution x2 (DVD/Standard), BHaR Tour Edition, The Resistance Deluxe Edition. Absolution Tour DVD, Hullabaloo DVD, HAARP, Sing for Absolution CD/DVD, Hysteria DVD, Starlight CD, Supermassive Black Hole CD, Invincible Promo 2, Plug in Baby Promo, Time is Running Out CD/DVD. Supermassive Black Hole DVD. Supermassive Black Hole Vinyl. Showbiz vinyl, Origin vinyl, Absolution vinyl, BHaR vinyl, Resistance vinyl.
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  1. Haha thanks! And actually yes, this was suggested to me earlier today and I'll probably get around to this. It would be interesting even just as a point of reference. I'll work on that at some stage.
  2. Updated the .swf - made it run faster and added several new words/phrases. Â It should now say "PWOPER LYRICS GENERATOR v2" and if it still says v1 then you might have to clear your browser cache. Â Hope you enjoy the new additions and glad to see you all like it so much!
  3. Haha, that didn't really work did it. Forgive me, I was rushing to put it together and that seemed right at the time. Some of these results are awesome, this works better than expected...tomorrow I'll add more words for greater variation. More love, souls and hearts too.
  4. Lol. Something I put together when I was bored... http://deanmotion.com/muse_lyric_generator.swf (Requires Flash Player.) Click the rapidly switching words to stop them. When all 9 are clicked, that is your new Muse lyric. I'll tweak it and update it further over time with more phrases and hopefully will make more sense. Enjoy, post here your best results
  5. When I got the Resistance and sniffed the cover, it had a very similar scent to that of many other CDs. Muse took the smell from other CDs, I hate them
  6. Ruled by Secrecy. Provided, of course, that on Valentines Day you kill many, many people.
  7. I can imagine it would be like that They love meeting their fans and they would presume people who seek them out want to meet them. They'd probably be quite surprised and possibly a bit hurt if people sought them out only to complain to them. Good job on meeting them by the way, it must have been amazing
  8. I bet everyone who tracks them down for the purpose of expressing themselves will totally melt and back off when they realise that they are actually talking to Muse. "Hey Matt I'm really quite disappoin... umm... hey so like, good gig last night man, can you sign this? You are the best man, such an inspiration!" Its Matts defense mechanism against beef.
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