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Don´t know where to post this, but Panic Station has been nomitated for a grammy in the best rock song category.


I'd like to remind everyone that Resistance and Madness have been nominated in that category in the past aswell.

Now it doesn't seem too unusual and unexpected ;)

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I don't know why it made to get into Muse but for some reason it did. I think I know the reason (the

that was made just in time Panic Station had a video! :p). But I would've rather be now got into Muse more with TIRO because as I found out this is why certain ppl found out Muse exists.


mayb without Panic Station I would have liked Muse in the way I like The Killers (haven't heard their most of songs yet, only know some hits, ofc like them, not listening to other of their music enough to consider thee a fav band), so this is why and this is how I now bear Muse in my head as my key music to like. :\mm/:


Back to PS. I'm horribly sad it's been drowned in the fan underration because really. It's real fun song. a song I'd constantly dance to. A song I would really like to sing in a drunk karaoke just for these days. :LOL: and I like Instrumentation and the fact that the song is as long as a normal Eurovision song which for some reason makes me imagine this song as if it was performed in Eurovision (if only UK sent something alt-rock, even if it's gonna b drowned by juries by not enough pop it's still gonna rain 1-7 points for thee at least because lol, fans!) :eek:


sorry for the random tl;dr so have a summed up gif instead for the non-forumers and assumed Muse dis-I-likers.



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Seemed like it to me.


He was literally just doing HO/POs up and down the fretboard. I think it just sounded similar because it was at pretty much the same tempo and on the same string. In terms of what he was actually playing though, it wasn't Panic Station.

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Seeing this won't be on the Drones World Tour in the listed setlist makes me a bit upset my country people won't get to heard this crashed up funky piece :( but nevermind, just nevermind. I'll be fine.


Nevermind. Saw that most of things can still happen on that tour.

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