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  1. A slightly improved Drones arena tour setlist for the US Psycho Map of the Problematique + Maggie's Farm / Interlude + Hysteria Dead Inside Supermassive Black Hole Plug In Baby / Bliss (extended) / Citizen Erased Isolated System + The Handler Revolt / Resistance Prelude + Starlight Madness Munich Jam Apocalypse Please / USoE JFK + Reapers / JFK + Defector House of the Rising Sun + Time Is Running Out Uprising (extended) Stockholm Syndrome + Agitated riff / New Born + Headup riff The Globalist + Drones Crowd request / rarity (just like Psycho tour) Mercy Knights of Cydonia This is pretty much everything what the band had played but organized in new rotations and a new order, plus MoTP, Defector, SS / NB and a rarity slot...
  2. This is a song that has managed to get worse despite not having much left to sink. No Depeche Mode-esque opening, keytar or barrier walk. Is the band even trying anymore?
  3. Really funny how he's feeling a bit "what do I do now?" right when the 2nd part of the song begins and he's playing nothing. Compare to how he's rocking the hell out of the guitar with Chris during Rock Werchter. ...
  4. I remember there was an interview before Drones release in which Matt said Muse's only direction for concerts could be "musicianship" (given they had done the hell out of stage ideas). I wish.
  5. Dead Star MK ULTRA + Township Rebellion outro The Handler Map of the Problematique + Maggie's Farm outro Dead Inside Supermassive Black Hole Uno Animals Citizen Erased Munich Jam + Apocalypse Please New Born Psycho Plug In Baby Mercy Time Is Running Out Reapers Stockholm Syndrome Survival
  6. Considering the master is different, this is definitely right. You don't need the audio subtleties, just the better masters (BHaR, I'm looking at you...)
  7. What? Do you sing the Micro Cuts chorus an octave down? Madness is no mistery to sing if you dodge the "I need to love" parts somehow(which might not sound too bad if one were to play an acoustic or a stripped down version).
  8. Yeah right. It's "semi-realistic" that they'd play all 5 of these at the same concert. You'd be lucky to have 1, and I don't think the last 2 will appear at all, given how Matt's voice has been lately.
  9. But that DID happen, although the band was miming on a Live TV show.
  10. I'm not nitpicking. But I thought there was a "I WANT THE TRUUUUUUUUUUTH" towards the end that is a falsetto....
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