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    Female, 18, long brownish hair, 5'3'' height and 59.? weight, very into band fandoms.
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    Don't focus on my location, focus on MUSE
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    Music, drawing, guitar playing
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    Highschooler/gymnasium student, on my last year though
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    Archive, Coldplay, Placebo
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    I enjoyed Home Alone series, Shrek series and A.I. but can't say they're my fave movies
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    Spongebob, other cartoons, singing competitions, shows with interesting concept, Eurovision
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    The Resistance and a fake best hits compilation
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    2016-06-17 - Žalgiris Arena, Kaunas, Lithuania
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  1. can't wait to know who won :o
  2. Heard Starlight like 2 weeks ago on TV, forgot the exact show they were promoting. Also, last month I was in this 'camp' where 100 people from all around the world (plus many Lithuanians) spent some time together and explored the region of the city where this thing was held. One of the camp's big organisers used to listen to Muse when she was younger so she played "Hysteria" on the first official day of the camp at some point. Also, there was a party in her room few days later and I joined it immediately after hearing "Undisclosed Desires" coming out of there
  3. heyo, this is IABI TV, if you ever read this (and fixed your forgotten password), send me a message back ^^

  4. Also I know how it feels like when people leave when you're about to sing. Mostly because the people I knew left the area early just to go 'home' because it was late af and the front doors of the dormitory get locked around midnight so when I got home I was locked out with a bunch of other people... xD
  5. I once went to a bar that hosts karaoke nights every Tuesday and they did have Muse's version of "Feeling Good" and I was like "yeah wouldn't be so bad to sing that one" until I saw "Feel Good Inc." on the available karaoke song list and someone else decided to sing the Michael Bublé version of it... I tried a few at home, with my whiny-ass voice like that I'd rather be suitable for "Endlessly" but several keys deeper
  6. Same, I haven't seem anyone talking about it in here.
  7. damn I killed this thread for a little less than 10 months. xD ah well anyway, for some reason I befriended Dom in my latest dream and we spoke on fo a bit
  8. I don't know if it even showed in other countries despite being broadcasted worldwide if possibly. I was in some camp so I obviously missed it
  9. Endlessly. I don't know, I replayed it so many times this week after listening to it for the first time (in a while?). But... its creepiness and subtle tones are sucking me in... the synthetic carrousel accordion sound especially... hopelessly I'm escaping this song endlessly and I'll give everything to stop... I know I can quit it anytime in a while but the said 'accordion' bit is reminding me to play it one more time to make me feel that I'm done with this song... and then the cycle repeats again... and the moment of over-ness never comes.
  10. Hi Floozy, this video just reminded me of you for a particular reason:

  11. Being the attending Eurovision fan I am I decided to skip the concert over our country's selection sorry guys. Please suggest Panic Station New Born and Time Is Running Out for me if that's how it works, thanks.
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