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GAS Thread: it's just too expensive to drive this.


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I wonder if someone could make some kind of MIDI probe, so you could control something like a Whammy or KP with one of those proximity detector things. Could be interesting! :erm:


no reason why it can't be done.


Have you seen the "hot hand" controllers? They seem a bit more practical.


I was playing with my wah probe yesterday, and I have to say if our set was more than an hour long i'd be looking for a pedal wah - standing on one leg gets tiring!

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loving that!


and the shoes :LOL:


TONE shoes


Apparently the finishes on those pedals are aged...I don't really see a point in that to be honest. We all know how the hand painted zvex pedals look after a couple years of use.






I saw that one on ebay recently. Not too expensive from what I remember...

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