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GAS Thread: it's just too expensive to drive this.


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I get a pretty decent dubstep sound live using a Boss OC-2, Big Muff, Source Audio Bass Distortion & Source Audio Pro Filter and a second amp for clean blend of course to retain the deep bass sound. Although, I know it'll never sound as good as synths or studio recordings but it works for me.


Anyway, I know I can never get that sound using only one pedal but it was more wishful thinking so I wouldn't need to haul all that gear around.


There's no such thing as a "Dubstep" sound. Can be as simple as a sine wave bass (

) to full glitch-tastic audio editing. You could just use a clean bass, Roni Size's Brown Paper Bag used a Double Bass instead of a synth in a D&B track for example and is regarded as a classic within the genre. (


The Skillrex stuff I've heard has been Electro House, so no idea why he gets brought up in regards to Dubstep. :LOL:

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Reviving my GAS list. Not stuff I'm 100% sure I'd commit to buying but it was great none the less



Aria Japan `77 Precise Bass

Neck felt fat but comfortable and so amazing to play. Had such a nice "P" sound and this is coming from someone that dislikes P basses.



Marshall JCM800 Bass Head

Even through it was through an average cabinet it sounded amazing :D



Korg SV-1 Vintage

Simple and versatile and probably one of the best sounding keyboards I've ever heard




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Tried it with that Aria, a Japanese Fender Precision Reissue (which was terrible to play) and my Bass Collection. They all sounded brilliant through it. Think the guy was offering it pretty cheap too.


Realistically though the head itself is way too big for my needs. :LOL:

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