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Staff Departures - Cath, Gemsy, Neil & Olly


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the only one that distresses me is Gemsy. She was pretty much the only reason I ended up continuing to post on this site as she welcomed me when I was new to the board and quite nervous. As a result of her kindness I have ended up interacting with many people I value, so I'd like to express thanks here. I hope your future is filled with amazing events, people, and healthy dogs.


As a further note G unite, I did not delete you from my facebook, I just deleted my account. I imagine you didn't notice, but I figured I'd let you know nonetheless.


Awww Sven!


Gemsy was "she"? :facepalm:


Oh don't give me an infraction or warning for this post, new mods.






Thanks ya'll it's been REAL. Although what Erin said, weird to see all the new bold names!

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The mods are dead...long live the mods!!:party:


It will be kinda weird (not bad - just different) seeing new names in charge, but I hope the old ones don't abandon us completely. Thanks for your many years of dedication to the cause, folks. *doffs hat in salute* Special mention to Gemsy who was really friendly when I first joined - not that she isn't now! Erm rambling...:$


Note: I never realised that the mods' names WERE bolded. :facepalm: What. A. Nooooob! :LOL:

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