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    My latest aim in life [still] is to sit on Alex Kapranos's knee...

    ...bit of a silly aim for a Cambridge graduate innit?

    [I did not make my avatar]

    I love evil characters but that doesn't mean I like evil people in real life. I've got enough evil in my own head thank you very much.
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    Arkham Asylum
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    Hmmm. Perving.


    Perving over villains.
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    Graduate Student. Franz Ferdinand "groupie". Flying Dutchman escapee...
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    Franz Ferdinand. As if you didn't know.
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    Lots. I especially like comic book films.
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    Doctor Who
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    I'm too cool to care enough to list them.
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    I don't think it'll fit. Lolz.

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  1. Yeah. I don't think anything can top the Robb Stark and Jeyne one I saw a while ago. Went looking for touching and melancholy, ended up running away from bestiality.


    The best one I've read was actually a very clean (excuse me while I lose all my remaining street cred) Warhammer 40K one. Four genetically engineered super-soldiers find themselves looking after a baby on a battlefield.


    Still, the Mundane Alt Universe Award goes to the one which starts with "Sansa's dad Ned runs a successful waste disposal company..."

  2. For some reason the board didn't notify me that you had commented! But urgh Max and Furiosa running a garage alt universe fic? That just seems even more lazy than usual. Like the author went "well...because Mad Max has cars in it!" I can't imagine it was very interesting!


    Definitely stay away from Star Wars stuff! It can only be even worse.

  3. Was reminded of your grumble about mundane fan-fics last night. Idly putting off sleep, and I came across one for Mad Max. Fuzzy on the details, but it something like Max running a garage and Furiosa et al operating an attached garage. Totally befuddled by that one.


    To be honest, every time I look at those things there's something that horrifies me and leaves me just wanting to read a book. So I'm staying well away from the Force Awakens stuff. Even if I have built up a whole alternative trilogy of prequels through all my daydreaming :chuckle:

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