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    My latest aim in life [still] is to sit on Alex Kapranos's knee...

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    I love evil characters but that doesn't mean I like evil people in real life. I've got enough evil in my own head thank you very much.
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  1. Edzo came back after making his case and was a top guy right away. There were some folk still bitching about their bans (even tho they no longer post much) and will prob still be bitching during the heat death of the universe.
  2. Aye wasn't BOD perma banned and it was eventually overturned? Same with Edzo actually! Funny thing is I remember infracting Edzo a few times but he's still on some of my social media accounts/no hard feelings/etc. Wish there were more folk like that instead of all the ones who held grudges against us for years!
  3. Wasn't totoro fairly recent or is that now YEARS ago?
  4. I think he meant it as one because the bee in his bonnet was that the admins were banning people like him and keeping only the folk they liked (hence the implications about "suck ups" etc.) When someone earlier was talking about folk in the old days crossing a line beyond banter, he was definitely one.
  5. Just a bit! Remember when he went batshit and started a movement/webpage that was anti-board. I just remember loads of incoherent rambling about "you MUST lick ass!" It's weird cos I never really had any issues with him but he went from being alright with me to basically loathing me over night *shrug*
  6. Geeze life's too short to be this mad about something like that
  7. Probably found an echo chamber somewhere or is mired in the dark Web.
  8. Sometimes it was really hard restraining yourself from telling someone to drop dead when they got personal tbh. Add that weirdo who had a personal vendetta against me so kept making posts speculating on my sex life and the conspiracy nut who PMed me saying he knew where I lived and would rape and kill me (because I deleted his bullshit) yeah... it's pretty thankless at times.
  9. I hate people talking through gigs AT ALL so fuck those people anyway but that's one of the best bits of many Muse tracks, why the eff wouldn't you listen to it? (And no matter how many times I've seen one particular song, even the ones I'm bored of, I don't talk through them. If I'm that fed up it's a perfect gap for a pee break anyway.)
  10. Maybe his hands are tied in some way? I've never thought bands shouldn't listen to fans at all but it's got to be tiring for him getting this all the time - and I am thinking of when one of them apparently said a few years ago that they don't read this place because "they hate us" so after that I tried to imagine how I would feel - and probably not nice. And ultimately if people didn't buy tickets they'd maybe reassess what they need to do. But that's never going to happen because there's evidently enough fans who are willing to put up with it or enough fans who would class Starlight as a song they want to hear every single time. I think we forget in all this that some of the songs we don't like as much are probably (a lot of) someone's favourite. For example, I was never keen on Citizen Erased but had to deal with people whining about not getting that one for years even though I personally was sick of it
  11. It's hard to tell much from 140 characters but Matt seemed genuinely bewildered/confused last night. I guess he sees it from a different POV being the guy who is outwith the crowd so gets a different vibe from the stage.
  12. Con-Science sorry if that wasn't clear. I'm not sure if I remember personally hearing Spiral Static but I know it has been played. If I have heard Spiral Static I'm annoyed I can't remember cos I quite like that one Oh well!
  13. Say they do start playing idk Spiral Static every few gigs. How long before someone starts moaning "that's great but I really want to hear Con-Science instead" - btw I looked it up and that one has never actually been played live at least not in the era when anyone cared enough to record it was played. Even with my 16 years in fandom I learned something today! Anyway, that says to me it's unlikely to ever be played. Or how about some gigs get Spiral Static but your gig gets Futurism but you like Spiral Static more. It's happened to me...songs I like have been played at gigs I wasn't at but equally I've heard stuff other people didn't necessarily get. I feel like Muse can't actually win this one with everyone unless they do end up doing a one-off tour of request gigs. And even then I reckon there'd still be complaints if they had to bin off one or two because they're out of practice or don't really want to play that one for whatever reason. Also if it's a small venue how many people are going to do what a few did last time and moan that "casuals" got all the tickets. How do you decide who is worthy? I mean, I know for that one you had to be signed up to the website but there's accounts on there that have been inactive for years but if they got the email they were entitled to try for tickets. I just think it's another way to potentially bring out the pettiness among some folk.
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