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  1. Tickets may surface again if a purchaser cancels tickets during a procedure, or if tickets are released from a cart due to time out... Well I was holding two GA tickets for Staple center to check if there were still some left, gonna release them so good luck
  2. Just tried and looks like some for GA and VIP are still left?
  3. Since the site shows "GA & Reserved Seating" for each gig, I assume most likely? However, probably it would be unlikely to get good seats, seats allocated for these kind of presales are usually not. Major ticketing distributors get good seats to sell. Well, maybe I am wrong. Last time I used a presale for the US tour, some of the shows only provided seats...
  4. Yes but I would choose Dead Cuts.
  5. For me, it's Hoodoo, a bit disappointed to see it's been mentioned only twice in the thread.
  6. I hesitated which one to choose. TiRo was my second choice for the album.
  7. Showbiz - Muscle Museum OoS - New Born Absolution - Apocalypse Please BHaR - Erm, Starlight? Resistance - Uprising Not sure about the choice for BHaR though...not my fav album.
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