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  2. that was supposed to be in capitals

  3. this does NOT fill me with joy

  4. Oh Sven, every now and then my curiousity gets the better of me and I am drawn back to the board....I hope you're well and I hope you're happy to know I'm considering wearing leopard print shoes to the races this weekend 😂😘

  5. Nah life is OK. Working a lot right now. What is up on your end?

  6. That doesn't sound promising. Need to vent or anything?

  7. Hey bud, I watched the birthday video I made for you a couple of years ago (milky dance extravaganza!)! Hope you're well.

  8. Wow this thread hasn't seen the light of day in a while! I'm just coming in here to post my fb art page and some pieces that I've done over the last couple of years. Some of these will be available to buy in prints if you wish facebook page This is a SUPER LATE reply But thanks and I know EXACTLY what you mean! I was always a hobby for me, but when I started to teach myself how to paint I've picked up certain skills or habits along the way. I certainly can't draw without a model or a picture in front of me. All of my real life stuff is definitely referenced. I usually have a picture for how I imagine it will turn out, but it usually turns out wildly different…with the basic essence of what first thought up! How have you been going since? I'd love to see your stuff?
  9. Oh no I haven't been in the main muse for ages. I'm just popping in to say I'm really really enjoying drones! I thought I'd lost my enthuse for Muse after 2nd Law...only really liked Supremacy and Panic Station (for the lols). But this one (apart from Mercy) is providing the goods! Loving it
  10. Do it, your photos are lovely. Wedding photography is big money and once your photos get circulated around the area, people will hear of you. It just might take some time? My sister's photographer is so renown that people change their wedding dates to get her! Also I saw your offbeat bride (I typed upbeat bride which makes me think of hairspray ) article the other week and loved it . edit: her hairstyle is so beautiful, love the flowers!
  11. Quite pleased. It's only nasty when people don't give me their time of day, aka my sister. But meh

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