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  1. Holy fuck. There are now so many bits of my brain all over the place. I have gone from 1) WOOHOO!! London RAH gig to 2) OMG - getting tix will be hell to 3) Shit! Presale on Weds 10th clashes with a work thing, in New Malden of all places. Argh!! Why does bloody real life crap keep getting in the way of gig-going? Currently thinking how I can get around it, eg reschedule workthing for the 11th *realisation* dear god I am basically Muse's willing slave. All they have to is whistle, and I'll come running. Sit, beg, roll over. Woof. I may come to my senses and remember my mundane priorities. Or not. Either way, good luck to them that tries on Weds/Fri.
  2. Hello Muse board, long time no visit. We all pulling apart new Muse stuff still? Spiffing. For good or for bad, Matt has eaten a huge amount of 80s vibe. Seems all that cheese is giving some of us indigestion, hm. *burp* Personally, I really like Pressure. Ridiculously catchy stuff. Can't get it out of my head (apols to Kylie). As for the vid, it made me smile. Hilariously awful outfits, for one thing! Yup I'm going to be dancing (badly) to this one
  3. Definition of eternal optimism (or stupidity): floating around various places online, in the hope that someone will have a Muse SBE ticket... After failing to get tix in the presale/sale/draws etc, not to mention missing out on further tix releases and FB/board posts (timing is everything, and mine sucks quite frankly), have come to the conclusion that I Will Not Be Going. :'( *waah* ...and yet I still lurk on here like some kind of masochist All you jammy buggers who are going, hope you have a bloody good time. For my part, I'm going to head down to SBE (which is just down the road from me) in the vain hope that someone has a spare +1 - but also to see my mad musey friends who I haven't seen in ages.
  4. Are they trying to kill off their fans by giving us all bloody heart attacks? Seriously, this is the most I've ever stressed out about Muse gig tix...and I've done a LOT of stressing over the years...
  5. *peeks around the door* Welll that was one for the history books, weren't it. I have just about calmed down. My timelines were exploding; when I saw the setlist and then the pics & vidclips:eek:, yeah I'm afraid my initial reaction was *waaaah* NOT FAIR MUSE ARE BASTARDS WHY DID THEY DO THIS AGAIN. :'( I know some people who were going, and I'm really pleased that folks had an awesome gig. And I've seen some of the rarities before: I went to Reading 2011; managed to see Muse at Exeter the other year - and that was pretty special. So I'm trying not to bitch. BUT hell: 8 rarities at ONE gig?! AND silly costumes?? AND peeps up onstage!! Aaargh. Of course I wish I had been there... Other reason: it was a Proper Gig. I worry about the music not coming first anymore...Much as I loved the theatrics, I have to agree with whoeveritwas a few pages back about the amount of time that the band actually plays. Montreaux was practically all songs, no gimmicks - which sounded (and obv was) brilliant! Are we entitled to a certain setlist? No. Do we deserve a great gig? Hell yeah at those prices! I know - you can't please all of the peeps all of the time. So yup they should just mix the songs up a bit more - something for everybody. The trouble is that you have to buy tix so far in advance and you have no idea what you're getting. Could be mundane, could be special. Could be brain-meltingly awesome. It's the randomness that drives me mad. If Muse are worried that nobody knows/appreciates the old stuff, that's easy: just play them dammit. Then they won't be rarities! Other wishes: that Someone who recorded the gig will actually put it on dvd...*hopeful sigh* Coda: bloody hell just found out that OH had an industry invite ticket to this. Nooooo!!! *waaah*
  6. Less than a week to go, and I'm getting pretty excited, as I'm going for a long weekend, to Saturday AND Sunday gigs. The weather forecast is putting the dampeners on it a bit - literally - looks like it's going to be rainy for the whole time I'm there (boo!) At least the gig's indoors! Remembered I have Will Call tix. Never had this sort before. Anybody know the drill? Like, where the box office is, what time it opens, can I pick up both dates at the same time? ta v much
  7. Well, I'm going to this, even if none of you lot are ...I've always fancied going to Italy, and now I am!
  8. Woohoo I got tickets! Pretty good seats, too. Better than London!
  9. Well I got my tickets, with less stress that I'd imagined. Still, they're in a corner block, so not brilliant. But after a few goes at seeing what else came up, I decided to grab them - glad I did. At least I'm going!
  10. Tickets sorted - seats in corner block. 105 I think. Not brilliant, but hey I'm going! And won't be able to join in the gen frenzy on Fri, so had to just grab & go. Which I did
  11. Tickets bought - yeeha I'm going to Prague! Now to work out basics of czech *gulp* it looks really difficult...
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