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    I love Muse so much!!!
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    Bali -> Yogyakarta -> Jakarta (Indonesia)
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    Listening to MUSE songs, Watching MUSE Clips
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    Junior Auditor at Ernst & Young Jakarta, Indonesia
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    Muse only!!
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    Singapore Indoor Stadium, February 3, 2010.
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  1. Hi Matt. How are you. I was saw Muse concert in Singapore Indoor Stadium last saturday. It was the second time I saw your concert. The first time was also in Singapore Indoor Stadium on Feb 3, 2010. As usual, the concert was awesome. I flew from Jakarta to Singapore for your concert and a little vacation in Singapore. Matt, please come to Indonesia again. If you hate to come to Jakarta, you can concert in Bali for example. Bali is a beautiful place, if you dont want to concert in Bali, at least once in your life you should come to Bali for vacation. Btw, thank you for playing Citizen Erased last saturday. Sadly, you guys didnt play Stockhom Syndrome and the Handler. But the concert was still awesome. Love you



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