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    I love Muse so much!!!
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    Listening to MUSE songs, Watching MUSE Clips
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    Muse only!!
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    Singapore Indoor Stadium, February 3, 2010.
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  1. bener ga sih Muse mau ke Asia lagi tahun 2016? #semogabener #semogakeindonesia #ormalaysia
  2. - when I don't listen to other bands or singers unless some popular tracks on tv and radio. - when my life is just about work and Muse - when I hate somebody sing Muse's songs badly - when i tried to see them at stage door after the concert (last saturday) while my gastritis was relapsed (finally I gave up and went back to hotel after about 30 minutes waiting) - when I use Muse's brooches every single day since I bought them 5 years a go in their concert in Singapore
  3. Hi Matt. How are you. I was saw Muse concert in Singapore Indoor Stadium last saturday. It was the second time I saw your concert. The first time was also in Singapore Indoor Stadium on Feb 3, 2010. As usual, the concert was awesome. I flew from Jakarta to Singapore for your concert and a little vacation in Singapore. Matt, please come to Indonesia again. If you hate to come to Jakarta, you can concert in Bali for example. Bali is a beautiful place, if you dont want to concert in Bali, at least once in your life you should come to Bali for vacation. Btw, thank you for playing Citizen Erased last saturday. Sadly, you guys didnt play Stockhom Syndrome and the Handler. But the concert was still awesome. Love you



  4. 1. Showbiz: Showbiz, Sunburn, Muscle Museum 2. Origin of Symmetry: Citizen Erased, Plug In Baby, New Born 3. Absolution: Stockholm Syndrome, Butterflies and Hurricanes, Time is Running Out 4. Black Holes and Revelation: Take a Bow, Starlight, Map of the Problematique 5. The Resistance: MK Ultra, Uprising, Resistance 6. The 2nd Law: Unsustainable, Animals, Big Freeze 7. Drones: The Handler, Reapers, Mercy
  5. Because he is talented so I love all them songs. No more words, you can insult me, but I won't respond.
  6. Music is about taste. It's not mathematic. So actually there is no word "the best talented" in music. Because all musicians are the best in their fan's eyes. So when I say I think he is the most talented, it is actually means in my opinion or to me he is the most talented. Hence, I wish we learn to respect people comments. Until we dead we will never find an agreement who the best talented is. And if you guys feel better than Muse, then prove it. Until that, you should never humiliate Muse. You might laugh reading this but I don’t care. No more words from me.
  7. First I don't like people quote my comments with a change. Second, what do you mean with "I've heard". Of course Matt n Muse are the best talented rocker that I've ever heard. How could I determine who's the best talented rocker if I never heard them. And third, I like music especially rock since 10. And I never like a band where I love all of the songs before.
  8. I love Butterflies & Hurricanes. It's EPIC!! Matt guitar solo makes me goosebumps. Stockholm Syndrome is also my favorite. <3
  9. Hai.. Welcome new Muser.. Mudah2an tour album berikutnya, mereka balik ke Indonesia..
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