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  1. No worries, glad to know I had an impact
  2. Star you've posted in, circle you haven't. Also changes colour if there's unread posts
  3. Yeah I've been having this too actually, though it was solved but appaz not. My recently used devices list seems to think they're all signed in as well as it gives me the option to sign out
  4. Insert amusing first status here...

  5. Ro

    Photography 3

    New board, new life for the thread? Haven't really done much lately but I am free of the backlog so hopefully I'll be out soon. In the meantime here's some from a few months ago
  6. Ro

    Photography 3

    Thanks for bumping the thread! Photography has fallen by the wayside for me lately really, I find I either get in the habit of doing it a lot or in the habit of barely doing any.
  7. Ro

    Photography 3

    Nice, I'm using a later version of that so if you have any questions I may be able to help you (or not )
  8. Ro

    Photography 3

    Ooh the top one is lovely! And that bottom sunset is lush
  9. Ro

    Photography 3

    Favourite shots you've taken this year? These are two I'm particularly fond of
  10. Ro

    Photography 3

    Haha yeah I feel that. Had a few big photo trips recently and no motivation at all to sort through them, though thankfully I'm caught up now. Think autumn's my favourite time of year really
  11. Ro

    Photography 3

    Some recents from autumn plus a few since my last post. Bottom is my first go with an ND filter and long exposure - not brilliant by any means but something I'm starting to experiment with
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