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  1. The ticket says if you're not there by 8 you're no longer guaranteed entry. This doesn't quite tally with the Killers stories. But as these tickets were allocated after that fuck up, you'd hope they'd have learned from the mistake and only awarded the exact number. They should know that enough Musers would be hanging about to fill any spaces if people don't show (weirdos that they are, but the donation email may have put some casuals off).
  2. Not sure...lunch time, I think I'll text you on the way down.
  3. If I get charged for going over my limit I will be asking them for that back as I had the money initially, but if they took it again and then cancelled the pre-auth, which takes days to come through, I'm screwed. But a bit scared to check really!!
  4. FUBAR indeed! They so rarely get it right, though I'm sure they have the best intentions. I think!
  5. Got mine...email came through at quarter past 4 this morning! Â Bit too scared to check my bank though, because if they've pre authorised AND taken money it will have sent me over my limit. Hmmm! Hopefully they cancelled the first transaction before they did the second!
  6. The money is still showing as pending on my card, but no email. Hmmm!
  7. It's been pre-authorised, not taken. It's so they know they will be paid if you win! Payment will actually leave if successful. Or transaction canceled if not.
  8. Happy Birthday! :party:

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