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  1. I'm hoping they play all of them!!! I can't wait to hear them live!
  2. So is it pretty much guaranteed that they will add a 2nd london show?
  3. yeah that's how i'm feeling. gonna be paying off the ol' CC for a month or 2 after today
  4. I just got another code in my email. I do not need it, if anyone wants it, PM me. it's gone!
  5. My friend got 2 standing! She had the same issues as some of you -- the presale never "unlocked" on her phone but when she switched to a normal computer she got in fine. Any idea when (if) they will add another show? There is a thread stickied to the top of this forum where you can sell your tickets. Assuming people can still sell direct to each other, that is...
  6. Ok I just ended up buying a seat instead of GA because of the layout. Are they fucking serious with this? The VIP is literally blocked off *in front* of the normal standing area? Surely that can't be right. Surely Muse wouldn't fuck over the fans that badly...
  7. Lower level seats are always more expensive than GA.
  8. I saw one person on FB that won. I also didn't get in for the Drones one although I knew several people that got into it.
  9. At the bottom of the page it mentions the presales. The actual ticket links with a place to enter the code will probably appear tomorrow morning at the time of sale.
  10. Yeah, I would hope that people keep trying the original link pages just in case.
  11. This looks like the right link https://www.stadefrance.com/en/ticket/muse-2019
  12. It looks like 8 gigs don't have links. But you may be able to navigate to the right place. For example if you go through the Stade de France site you can find the link for the Muse gig. https://www.stadefrance.com/en/ticket/muse-2019 A few of the others may be the same.
  13. the link works now! Still doesn't have prices listed or anything yet though. But, progress!
  14. Yeah I think so. I think the 9am is for the public sale on friday
  15. Omg you have to be kidding me. Well, I guess we don't have to worry about tix being sold out before the members presale now. jfc
  16. I think that is the layout for the Spice Girls show. I don't think we've seen any confirmed layouts for Muse yet for the stadium gigs. They are all just generic maps.
  17. Yeah I'll be trying for this one too and it's frustrating that they can't even fix the links. I'm hoping that the funcode.hu site will just magically work tomorrow when it's supposed to. I mean, that's what TM sites end up doing half the time anyway. Also, the new website doesn't work for me either (on firefox). Every page is just a white screen until I reload it. Would love to contact someone to give feedback but all the contact links are gone. I guess they really don't want people to point out issues with the website...
  18. It depends on the size of the barrier, tbh. It wasn't an issue for the Drones tour because of the 360 stage, but when they did the amphitheater tour here, you basically couldn't get barrier at all unless you had VIP. Hopefully this won't be as bad because the amphitheater shows had a smaller (straight) stage, and presumably this tour will have some kind of catwalk/b-stage, etc.
  19. There's no way of knowing, unfortunately. The last several presales I've done (not just for muse but other artists as well) pretty much just had everything opened up for the first presale. I think the days are long gone of muse giving priority to dedicated members. Also, keep in mind that many seats in the sections closest to the stage (first 15 rows) will be held back for the VIP tickets. Sometimes seats in these areas will open up close to the show date when they realize they won't sell them. It's kind of risky to bank on that happening though!
  20. I love how several of the links on the tour dates list are broken.
  21. I can't get over how much more listenable the singles are within the context of the album. I thought I'd skip them some, just so they wouldn't be completely run into the ground, but it's not happening. I took a glance at FB and was amazed at the negative comments, especially from folks that I thought have been waiting for some songs like this for a while. I'm really starting to think that some people won't be satisfied until they get personally invited into the studio and consulted by Matt on every song. And even then they will complain about the album artwork or something.
  22. I'm hoping to do Budapest! Never been there!
  23. I found myself singing along with this in the car this morning. Like, enthusiastically singing I think it will prob be pretty great live, especially assuming the Tove Lo parts will be absent.
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