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  1. I don't get it. Horrible sales for the stadium gig and they decide the best course of action is to add 2 arena dates? There's no way of knowing if those Sept gigs will be the exact same as this leg (and the same static setlist), or if they will pop in something different (whether because of the showbiz anniv, etc, or for whatever other random thing). It's exhausting trying to figure them out. I already feel like a huge sucker for even considering these gigs.
  2. hyena17

    Premium Ticket Gifts

    Honestly it was a nightmare. It was raining (I had checked my umbrella as well), and it wasn't even a line, it was just a mass of people shoving each other like they were at the barrier of a club gig. It took 45 minutes for me to get through!!!
  3. hyena17

    Premium Ticket Gifts

    They do not provide a bag. It seems that at most of the gigs they let you bring it in. In Graz, they did not -- they made you check it in as soon as you received it and then you had to pick it up afterward at the coatcheck.
  4. Yay that's my video - I wish I would have taken more. I actually felt really bad (physically) during the gig - I sprained my foot earlier that afternoon and was in horrible pain the entire time standing up for so long. I don't even remember who I was near on the barrier. I am really short with straight brown hair that's purple in the front and glasses.
  5. Agree with this being so much easier than London. Everything was better - the queue, the access to the venue itself, the security at the venue. I really think stadiums this size are perfect for this production - basically the same size as a large arena, so the screen/stage look imposing and impressive. I am still blown away by how organized the venue staff was with entry, it was one of the best experiences I've ever had. I had the "cheaper" VIP for this one and there were so few EE VIPs that after they divided us by which side of the pit we were on, we were literally the first ones to step foot in the golden circle on Chris's side. I posted a video on insta showing us walking in and it's insane because the barrier on Matt's side is filled and there is literally no one on our side. A shame Bliss got cut. It was nice to have *something* different in London. I just can't believe they aren't mixing it up at all, especially with the "dead zone" of DD, UD, Madness all together...someone else in this thread pointed out the lack of energy when DD starts. It's unfortunate that Murph comes out during the medley because those songs are the most lively part of the gig, yet everyone is so focused on Murph that the crowd's reaction to the songs is half what it normally would be. This was my last gig unless I decide to do the ones in September. I assume they will use the same setup/production? The tour shirts with the dates on the back do not include those gigs, so I was kind of wondering.
  6. Got back from the gig a little while ago. Decided not to queue once we found out we'd have to go in at Bridge 1 and then run to our turnstile on the other side of the stadium -- that plus 500 VIPs means chance of barrier for us = zero. I've never actually done a Muse gig from the back of the floor and it's not an experience I want to repeat 😉 My biggest takeaway (other than OMG Bliss!) was how *tiny* the screen looked from the back. It looked ridiculous in that huge stadium with nothing else around it. I guess they made the catwalk a little longer but didn't scale up anything else? Is it a budget issue? Seeing Murph in an arena is breathtaking because he fills the entire stage and looks gigantic from every seat. Here, not so much. You'd think in a venue this size where the seats are so far away from the stage that they would have adjusted things somewhat? The performance itself was great I thought. Loved Tom Morello too Glad to see they suddenly discovered how to add songs despite the ~super tight production with no flexibility~ Hmm
  7. What does "stadium island opens" mean? Do they not let people up to the venue until then? How will that work with people queuing early - I assumed there would be a queue at each turnstile? Also, is the only way to get there to get to stratford station and then walk a mile? Ugh
  8. Haha we were all in the same area!
  9. This. Omg. It feels like they're going backwards, that's exactly what it's like to me. It blows my mind that this band that was once known as one of the best live bands ever have gotten to this point. No one can convince me that they are not skilled/creative enough to be able to rotate 2/3 songs into the setlist despite the soooper-tight scripted production? I mean come on. It's not like they have to completely come up with stuff from scratch or they haven't had a ton of time to rehearse/practice (incl. the "dancers"). For whatever reason, they are choosing to do this short (yes, shorter than the unsustainable tour), unchanging set. I mean, just from an excitement perspective, you'd think even they would get sick of the exact same thing every night. Someone on another board mentioned how long it's been since they were surprised at a Muse gig. I'd have to agree. Even the intro riffs, etc are the same for songs now as they were 3 tours ago. And the balance issue is a good point as well. This DD/Madness/Mercy segment is a killer (and not in a good way). UD added to that is just cringeworthy.
  10. Same here, and my friend as well. This is cutting it kind of close.
  11. An update, i emailed the venue and they said that small cameras (with no detachable lens) are allowed. Also, purses/bags have to be size A4 or smaller. The bag drop will open at 2pm.
  12. Wow, that *really* sucks. Does the bag drop not open until doors? Yes, I'll be there (if my trains are on time) 😬
  13. Claudia do you happen to know what their camera policy is? I got an email with the list of prohibited items and cameras are on there -- but they mean professional ones, right? (hopefully)?
  14. yeah, the last thing i want at european shows is the same crap they play here a billion times *sigh*
  15. that person is being sarcastic, right? imagine being a huge successful band that can do whatever you want, with a new album that has many great songs and instead you decide to play this setlist for another 25 gigs.
  16. jfc. what a disappointment if this is the case. I'm sorry but how freaking lazy can they be?
  17. So is anybody thinking they might add any more gigs after Amsterdam in Sept? Like Dublin or Glasgow?
  18. Haha I hate (US)amphitheater shows for two reasons: 1- Security at outdoor venues tends to be a lot less competent than venues that operate year-round, so queuing/entry is a complete cluster. I've literally never had a smooth entry procedure for any amphitheater gig that I had GA tickets for. (Whether Muse or other bands). and 2 - it sucks queuing all day and attending gigs in 100F weather in the south. I've passed out before at a gig due to heatstroke and it's not fun!! just my 2 cents. Of course, a shitty gig is better than no gig at all if they don't come anywhere near you or you need a fix. edited to add: I suppose if you don't queue and just relax and go to chill, drink a beer, whatever, then it might be a great experience. i wouldn't know 😜
  19. Yeah that's the biggest thing that sucks about living here. Could be worse tho, we could be in SC.
  20. Just in case people are still clinging to this idea, I had the opportunity to speak to Matt in Philly and I asked him about a 2nd US leg in the Fall and he said no I even asked about spring 2020 and he said they "didn't have anything planned," - so take it for what it's worth. Very disappointing. 😞 Each tour is getting smaller and smaller. I feel especially bad for the folks in the PNW who didn't have anything remotely close - there are a lot of fans up there.
  21. This may be a dumb question but should I be concerned that the seating diagrams for these new gigs just show a normal stage and not the stage with the catwalk that is being used on the tour now? I would assume the production and setup for all indoor gigs would be the same??
  22. Yes, the EE VIP group gets let into the building 2 hrs before doors because they have the party + videogames. The Premium group usually gets in an hour before doors because they let you shop for merch. When it is time to go onto the floor, they will line both groups up in a single line with the EE folks at the front, then the premium bundle people. After all of you get let in, they open the floor for general GA. The lunchbox is maybe 13x9x5 (inches)?? The poster is rolled up inside (it is long and skinny). Ofc, this may be completely different if you are talking about stadium gigs...
  23. Oh wow I didn't realize there were no seats!!
  24. I fully expect Blockades to debut at the stadium shows. SH I'm surprised they didn't play here, but it's one of my least favorite on the album so its absence doesn't bother me. I have the same opinion about GUaF but I imagine live it is much better, so it might be pretty fun. I really was hoping for The Void though, that's my biggest disappointment.
  25. This is my first time going to the Bell Centre, and I was wondering what the setup there for the queue is like? The weather forecast is horrid for Saturday and it's not looking like a good situation -- anyone have any experience at gigs there?
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