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  1. If they play TaB tonight in Reading, I think there's a 50/50 chance it will stay. If they play Showbiz tonight I think it shows that they aren't afraid of it - especially playing it 2 gigs in a row. I haven't seen the Leeds version but people are saying the vocals are even better than at SBE. I know it's probably hugely unrealistic to expect them to play it over here but we can dream My optimism for a couple songs staying is based solely on the last 2 gigs, so it's probably dumb to even speculate and use this as a gauge considering they have a huge gap and all this will probably go out the window anyway by Sep 15
  2. Ok so I'm trying to organize something to help the chances of some rarities at this gig. Basically I want to make a short video scrolling through photos of fans holding up signs asking for songs, and eventually tweet it to the band. We're focusing on a pool of 3-4 songs that were played at the SBE gig to increase the chances. The details are in a post on FB in what I think is a private event group linked to one of the Muse NA tour groups. I hardly use FB so idk how to invite people. If anyone is interested in participating or wants more info, message me!!
  3. quoting the above as evidence that muse will never make everyone happy. it's impossible, they can't do anything right in the eyes of some. you should have made this decision back in 2013 so that your ticket to this gig could have gone to someone that gave a shit.
  4. That's it -- they just looked so pleased and happy. Do they not get it? They could feel like that again - and get that reaction again. Several times even. And I mean in general with these songs, not just Glorious. You'd think they would feed off it like a drug but I guess not?
  5. I really want to start a campaign to get them to play a couple rarities at this gig. Showbiz, Glorious, Easily would be the 3 I'd go for -- of course one of the three would be a huge victory. Imagine the atmosphere/beauty of Red Rocks and the band playing Glorious. I think I would die.
  6. Ok, got back home last night and just got done reading through the last 30 or so pages of this thread! Best gig of my life, nothing even comes close. Setlist-wise it was beyond my expectations - they only missed 2 of the 10 I voted for. My friends and I were way too early and first in the seated queue - we had 2nd level and I am really short so I had to guarantee myself first row. The view was amazing. and I am so glad I wasn't on the floor -- I knew it would be rough and didn't want anything to distract from soaking in the gig as much as possible. The friend I transferred my stalls ticket to ended up on the barrier in front of Chris, so that worked out well! I made a playlist of my videos - I saw a few linked earlier. The quality varies but some of them are really good So psyched they opened with Assassin/Dead Star. God everything just sounded so, so good. Easily blew me away. I didn't vote for it, I actually wasn't a huge fan but my god, it sounded amazing and it's totally one of my favorites now. Who was it on here that said it kills Resistance and should be played instead -- my wish X1000. Glorious was the highlight, never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd hear it played live. It's one of my fav songs ever and I cried like a baby through it and prob looked like a crazy person but sorry, not sorry. And to finally hear Showbiz! I figured this was at least the one song that was a lock, so I kind of expected it, but WOW. Even Matt's vocals sounded good and I'd give anything for them to actually keep it around but I am not getting my hopes up. B&H/New Born -- these are still rare for me and I loved hearing them. S4A was the biggest surprise. I voted for it and didn't think it had a chance. Another dream come true. Was kind of expecting them to close with Stockholm so when MWAH started I was like....noooo...but it's OK. I can't really complain after a show like that. Walking out it felt like a dream. I am so glad I recorded so much of it, otherwise I would feel like it didn't happen. I was really emotional afterwards and it's been a while since a Muse gig had made me feel that way. I loved them for coming through on their promise, and giving us exactly what we had been wanting for so long. But I was also sad. Knowing the potential -- and seeing how happy and into it they were, yet knowing that they won't keep doing it. And even worse -- that they will come back here to the US and go back to the trash they've been playing. It is what it is, though. We saw the guys when they arrived Sat afternoon and that was a treat as well. Dom was in the best mood I've ever seen him with fans When Matt came through, some guy behind me told him he voted for SMBH and would they play it. Good for Matt for being like "um, no it wasn't voted on.." Anyway I still can't really wrap my head around it all. Saturday was pretty much one of the best days of my life all around.
  7. I am dying to hear SFA but I don't want to hear a shit version. If they can't do it (or anything else in the top 10) then I would hope they switch it out with something. Of course that means something rare, not use it as an excuse to throw in an easy staple.
  8. I never got one of the emails asking for a new selection, so I finally just sent them one today with my new choices. So, this is my final vote: 1. Showbiz 2. Sing for Absolution 3. Micro Cuts 4. Fury 5. Invincible 6. Muscle Museum 7. Eternally Missed 8. Glorious 9. City of Delusion 10. Futurism
  9. All they'd have to do is say it was due to technical issues, something beyond their control, they didn't have enough time to resolve it before the date. It would prob fly here in the States. Maybe the UK actually enforces laws, that would be great.
  10. It's not like paying for a ticket gets you exactly what they billed (a request gig). We can't get a refund if they don't do it. They can do what they want - yeah, lying about the poll winners has always been a possibility. If things worked logically, they would realize this mess is because they chose a shitty company and not use them in the future. Unfortunately with Muse, that's not how things always work. *shrug* I'm not going to, I just don't feel a need to add to the pile. If other people doing it solves the problem, then that's great.
  11. Is it really necessary to harass the band over this and try to get them to do anything? That will make this whole idea look dumb and probably make them regret doing it at all. They will never do it again, or worse yet, decide to just scrap it all together, then everyone is fucked. Obviously I understand people wanting songs that weren't on the original list --hell, Glorious is my #1 wanted song -- but I can't see the numbers being that much different -- if somebody cared enough to vote on day 1 and be upset that a particular song was missing, then they will care enough to send an email to correct it.
  12. Sigh. Don't remind me. I try not to think about the $$$ these tix cost when we get these shit setlists over here.
  13. Whatever happens, I don't want them to reveal the results or the setlist before the show. I want to be totally surprised. If they keep it secret and decide to not actually play stuff we voted for, then well, there's not much we can do. The bright side to this is that if the voting ends up being horribly stupid, maybe they will just play something comparable to zepp or whatever and call it a night. At least for now it seems that Showbiz and MM have a decent chance of being played and Eternally Missed is really high on the FB poll. I think they'll do what's right. I WANT TO BELIEVE. Nah....don't do that. I'm about to book my non-refundable ticket right now, so oh well! I think it will be worth it
  14. I don't really understand why people would tweet at him. On our luck, notifying him of the mistake will just give him an excuse to scrap the whole thing. The company said they would fix it, why is everyone so nervous still? It's not like the original votes were horrible! It will be OK (says one of the biggest Muse pessimists/worriers ever)
  15. I said "fear," not "worst fear" and only applied it to part of your list. And I have criticized those songs both here and elsewhere online. You should be happy -- many of your choices will end up being played for sure! I was wondering this too. We were pretty happy with the way the voting was going, and now the votes will be spread more thin since more rarities are available, leaving a higher probability of the not-so-rares floating to the top.
  16. Omg are you freaking kidding. This is BS. They need to start over then. Probably a ton of people (including me a few hours ago) have voted already.
  17. Oops, sorry! I don't mean to be harsh. I'm just super stressed over this, this is prob the one chance I have to hear rarities. Yeah that's true.
  18. Honestly I wish we could vote multiple times for songs as long as it added up to 10. If we were allowed to do that, I think we'd easily get 5 or so super rare songs. I want to vote today but I have one lingering decision. Which out of Fury or Assassin is doing better so far? Whichever one looks like a lock is the one I'd rather give my vote to.
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