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  1. Las Vegas is officially SOLD OUT!!! First sell out of the tour.
  2. Hopefully, the poor ticket sales are because of the holiday shopping where money becomes tight for everyone this time of year. I'm sure things will pick up after the new year.
  3. A nice theatre show with an orchestra behing them is a dream show for me! One day this will happen i guess, and i will be there!
  4. Problem is if you charge $30 a ticket for an arena show, the band makes ZERO money. It's super expensive to do an arena tour.
  5. Man, the US gigs aren't selling well at all. Muse playing to half empty arenas? WTF?
  6. All GA is the same, whether it says GA1, GA2, GA3, GA4, etc....... Because of the catwalk stage design, the floor WILL NOT be seperated. ONE BIG FLOOR
  7. Am I the only one who thinks the void and the darkside ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSE VERSIONS are the most amazing pieces and fucking beautiful pieces of music i've ever heard!!!!!!!!!!! Those two alone take my mind on a trip everytime i here them! Don't get me started on the instumenal darkside super universe version!!!!!! MUSICAL ORGASM!!!!!!!
  8. March 2nd is Vegas, are you sure you bought for the right show? That venue in Vegas also uses AXS
  9. Thank god its probably the smallest most intimate of the announced arena venues. The Mandalay Bay Events Center is really a big theater. its one of those places that no matter where you sit, you have a good vantage point.
  10. The pitch is gigantic because it was an Olympic Stadium. Extra wide on the sides for all the track and field activities. For all our fellow Musers in the UK, what stadium is the best for concerts?
  11. unfortunatley yes. All the fees and taxes and whatever sneaky charges they throw into the price is crazy. You can buy a ticket that say's $90, then after alllllll the fees it comes out to $130 a pop.
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