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  1. Beautiful!! I think I've seen it on dA
  2. OMG the card game, the shoes, the VIDEO...those are so awesome. I love those shoes, I have a pair of silver cons that would look great like that. I love that you have such a variety of great stuff!!
  3. Resurrecting this thread bc I really want to see some new Muse art by people! COME ON, there has to be some people who want to show off their stuff!!
  4. I'm selling my set of Toronto gig posters (April 2013). I didn't get them via the VIP tix, I got them online. Then I ended up buying the set from Florida and don't have room for these. Right now they're up on ebay but I'm not going to relist if no one buys, I'd rather sell them to someone on here. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Muse-limited-edition-gig-posters-Toronto-2013-set-of-2-/181177483426
  5. Is anybody doing VIP for this show (or maybe as part of a group), and will have an extra poster? If so, I will buy it from you! Please PM me.
  6. Omg that was just amazing. I can't even describe how perfect that gig was. First time for me for Unintended and Blackout and I recorded them both, links below. *sigh* Unintended Blackout
  7. I love those pics bc, lets be honest, the man doesn't seem to sweat very much on stage -- I know y'all have noticed. Like, not usually enough to see it through his clothes at least. Are there any more sweaty pics of him (and not just a glowing forehead I mean )?
  8. Unnnf, great pics everyone. God Jessica, that last pic with the kaoss pad, that might be the hottest thing I've ever seen *__* Still not done going thru my last few sets, but here are a couple good ones:
  9. Hi everyone! *waves* I also don't understand all the complaining about the setlist. All the shows are great and each one has it's own special moments. I wasn't even planning on going to this gig, but got a ticket at the last minute. A wonderful Muser on this board actually let me borrow his credit card (total stranger) so that I could queue all day and get inside and onto the floor without him (paperless ticket). Musers are wonderful people!!!! A question though -- did anyone happen to get any pics or video of Matt at the barrier during UD? I am on a quest -- it would mean a lot to me. I got some good photos at this gig and I'll post the link here as soon as I get them up.
  10. Has anyone bought GA tix for this show (actually, night 2) through ticketmaster and received hard tickets? Just asking because I'm looking for a GA and I found someone selling hard tix and I was wondering if it was legit.
  11. Amazing gig. Got a good vid of Animals (kind of Matt-centric, sorry ) http://www.youtube.com/http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDoRpmNYrqM
  12. Oh no, it's fine, it's just amusing to me. That group has stolen a bunch of people's photos and we've complained and commented and emailed but FB doesn't care. It's really frustrating!! Click here for my gig pics Here's a fave I found a few weeks ago, was going to make it my iphone wallpaper
  13. Haha, yeah, I took that. That BS Muse Facebook group that steals photos cropped out my watermark and reposted it. Ah well. To contribute: I love his hair the length it is now... <3
  14. What a setlist, omg!!! I managed to get some really great videos since I was in a seat for once : Bliss Unsustainable Knights More to come but I have to get back home first!! XD
  15. Yeah, this will be me if they cancel Hamburg, etc. That's a hefty non-refundable plane ticket from the US. Here's to hoping for a quick recovery. And yeah I think asking for an apology is a bit much -- they hate having to do this, I'm sure. I feel so bad for the people this is affecting, I hope they make it up to you somehow.
  16. I'd have to agree. He just needs to STAY OFF OF IT for a few days. I guess it's good they have a week before the next gig.
  17. Yeah, that's what I'm doing. I've had gigs&tours/seetickets change the delivery address for me before, they're really great about it. Just contact them through the customer service tab on the website.
  18. Yay can't wait to get going on this! I love getting cards from all over
  19. Hi, I'm selling my (brand new) messenger bag. I bought it at the Manchester gig -- it's the same one on the online store. I haven't used it since I've been back and I probably won't ever will. It's just not a size I can really use (but it looks so good, which is why I couldn't resist buying it ). Anyway, I'd kind of like to sell it to somebody in the US so they can get something w/o getting screwed by shipping fees from the .mu store. If not, that's ok. I'll sell it for $38 US OBO.
  20. So glad I switched our seats for standing tix at the last minute!! Best decision ever My pics from the gig are here. A sample:
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