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  1. 1) Interaction great, spontaneity not a lot, but I was at the first 2 shows so there might have been a little nerves, or still wanting to get the feel of things. The guys seemed in great moods, Dom was smiling through the whole gig in Houston -- in all my pics of him he looks like he's having a blast. There have been little moments between Chris and Matt where they look like they're laughing, chatting a bit between songs, stuff like that. Matt had what I consider his normal amount of crowd interaction as far as making eye contact with people, pointing at people, etc. Not a lot of talking other than the usual 3-4 times through the gig with a few sentences about he crowd, etc. Also there is some cute (sorry to use the word) interaction between the 3 of them during DD when they are all down there. Oh, and during (Hysteria?? not sure), Matt goes to the back of Dom's drum kit and there's some good interaction there. 2)He comes down steps somewhere around the end of the b-stage and goes around it to the left (left meaning Matt's side of the main stage), then turns around and goes the other way, and then goes back. Perhaps someone else can chime in as to where the steps are located.
  2. Honestly I think there's a decent chance that with all the upset people that they change it for the next tour. There's other ways to make extra $$ - there are plenty of VIP packages they can come up with that don't include early entry. Other bands seem to be able to come up with plenty of ideas.
  3. This isn't a new thing. I generally queue for 10-12 hours for every Muse gig I go to because I have to be on barrier in order to see. I did in fact miss out on barrier spots on the Drones tour as well as during the amphitheater tour due to VIPs. It sucks. I have also gotten screwed at gigs where there was no VIP at all because the venue messed up the entry procedures. It happens. Any gig you go to you are taking a risk that you're not going to get what you want.
  4. this is a good description, but in dallas, there was no delay. They let GAs into the bowl at the same time as the top-tier VIP. I was at the front of the line of the 2nd-tier group and there were about 40 top-tiers total in front of us. By the time I got far enough past the section entrance to see the lower bowl and the floor, there were already GAs streaming in from the other side. At this point there were about 20 people still in front of me going down the steps (it was a single-file line).
  5. Who said I supported it? I wish they didn't have it. Unfortunately, they do and it forces us to decide if we're going to use it. I would think it's better at least to have actual hardcore fans doing it and being at the barrier instead of the wine-and-cheese casual crowd that a lot of people think are the only market for these things. Also, I still queued for 4 hours, just letting you know. I did regular GA in Houston and queued for 11 hours so it's not like I'm some random off the street who never queues -- It's what I do 98% of the time because I'm not a fan of seats and I like to be able to see. If you want to single people out for taking barrier spots, focus on people like the asshole in Houston who jumped the queue at 4pm and nobody said shit to. Finally my friend and I asked him what the hell he was doing up there and got into an argument (as much you can argue with a smug asshole that just keep saying "nobody cares"). We ended up just standing next to him and going in before he did.
  6. I love love LOVE the shows, that's all I'm going to say. SOOOO much better than the Drones tour. Love the long setlist but as usual, the choices are somewhat baffling. Have to disagree with the above poster, Propaganda is fucking awesome and I would cry if they dropped it. And this coming from someone who only got the view of Matt's back during it because I was not at the b-stage. The screen visuals are great, the dancers are cool. I think if you didn't like it on the album, then you won't like it here...it's just not for everyone, but the notes it aims for, it hits. It's a sexy song and some people just aren't interested in that. IMO OF COURSE 😁
  7. No, they were not let in early. The VIPs were in a line inside the venue -- the "super VIPs" as I call them (EE package), made their line after their party and merch. Then they let the cheaper VIPs (premium bundle) in. We (I had the cheaper VIP ticket) were kept outside until the last second and it was very stressful and none of the CID people could give us straight answers. Finally they let us in the building onto the concourse and we joined the end of the super VIP line. Then, they opened doors and we went down onto the floor at the same time as the normal GA line was being let in on the opposite side of the arena. So basically, no one got early entry. The people like myself with the cheaper VIP package got super screwed because the super VIP took up all the barrier on Matt's side, and the normal GA got almost all the barrier on Chris's side. Luckily I was close enough to the front that I was able to race around and find a gap between two people on Chris's side. So once again, CID messed up, and they received a lot of phone calls the next day. supposedly this is not what is supposed to happen (as opposed to an "accident-on-purpose"), so we'll see what happens in Phoenix tonight. And trust me, we did everything we could PRIOR to the gig to make sure this wouldn't happen and it did anyway.
  8. ha, that's what I thought but it could have meant "yes it will be chaos like last time" 😆
  9. Yeah it was mercy and it was about half the barrier. i don't know where he entered the floor, but he didn't come down anywhere where i could see (i was in chris' corner against the catwalk). And Re the VIP thing. I hope it was a mistake in Houston because tbh I think it's even shittier of them to "fix" the problem by screwing people that paid good $ for a product and then not giving them what they advertised. If the band were upset by the backlash and wanted to fix things, then they needed to make it clear what was going on and communicate that instead of allowing people to still purchase overpriced VIP packages that clearly say "early entry to the floor" and then not have that happen. Not everybody that gets VIP is loaded, I know a lot of people that saved up money so they could do ONE gig VIP just so they would have a guaranteed barrier spot since it's such a crapshoot even with queuing for 10 hours. So, fuck those people I guess?? It was shitty execution from the start, but you don't solve the problem by just screwing over a different set of people. If it happens again tonight, i hope they at least offer refunds to everyone that purchased the packages.
  10. Omg that's so awesome! 😊 How did they notify you? I entered for Chicago but it's a million years away (and I never win anything lol)
  11. hyena17

    Floor experience

    No one knows for sure, the first show isn't until Friday. Assuming it will be like past tours, there is no actual "roped off" areas on the floor. The two VIP packages just let you inside early so you can get your spot. As far as the timeline, the more expensive VIP package will actually let you in like an hour early (I think?) because you will go to a separate area first that has the games and stuff. The other VIP ticket usually gets let in like 10 mins early. Then the normal GA line will get to go in at whatever time the doors open.
  12. Well, from what we know, there appears to be a long catwalk and B-stage, so that gives you more options to be "close to the stage" than your normal straight endstage. BUT there will be VIPs getting to the floor before "normal" GA, so you may still want to go early. I def wouldn't go any later than 10am if you want actual first row. If you are ok with 2nd row, you can probably get that an hour before doors. There should be one GA queue and entrance from what I remember from last time. VIPs will prob have a different entrance/queue. Doors are at 6:30 for normal GA tix.
  13. This is really random, but is there anybody going to this show that wants the Simulation Theory hoodie that's on the website? I bought a size S at the Chicago gig and it's really too big (long) for me. I will be at this show so if anyone wants it they can have it for $25 - send me a message because I will not bring it unless I have a confirmed buyer. I will be in the GA queue.
  14. Awww, it will be here before you know it! I didn't know how I would make it through this break before the tour started, and now, it's like OMG NEXT WEEK! There's def potential for chaos the first show or two, especially the more extraneous stuff they add to the production. I've got my fingers crossed for it to go smoothly. Don't want a repeat of the Dallas Drones gig (although that was because of the tight back-to-back turnaround), or the gigs where other things broke. Minor fuckups, on the other hand, might be entertaining. 😜 I'm also thinking Algo for the robot suit. I have to admit, seeing the pics they've been posting has gotten me super excited. It really just hit me a couple days ago that a new tour is about to start and it has the potential to be AMAZING.
  15. Thanks. I tried but apparently someone still has the username Hyena on muse.mu. That's why I had to append the 17 when I joined. Prob not even an active account. 😞
  16. hi everyone. posting as a test. (yay it works. i just need to get my old avatar bigger so i can replace this one) actually i think my old username was just hyena. it took the username from my .mu account. that kinda sucks....can I change it back? maybe i'm wrong, i don't remember
  17. Hi, I'm selling the hoodie I bought during the Drones tour. It is in like new condition -- it has been tried on a few times but I've never actually worn it out anywhere because it doesn't really fit. It's never been washed or anything and has been hung up in a closet since I got it at a gig in 2016. Has big Muse/Drones logo on back and small one on front. Also has the word DRONES down the left sleeve. Full zipper, drawstring hood. Per tag, it's 80% cotton, 20% polyester. It's the softest Muse hoodie I've seen, it's a lot better quality than the one from T2L. It's very soft on the inside. Size S. When laid flat, it measures 19 in across right above the top of the pocket. From the collar to hem it measures 23.5 in. I'm selling it for $25 plus shipping. I'm willing to ship overseas but I'll have to go to the post office to get a shipping estimate (and it will probably be at least $15 US and that is without tracking). PM me if interested.
  18. Yeah, this. Anecdotal, but I know several people that lost interest during the Drones era because they didn't like the album and the tour production (360 stage) did not appeal to them. They went from being the type of fan to do multiple shows (3+) to doing one or zero. All of those people have jumped back on the bandwagon with this album.
  19. Nothing really newsworthy, it was a little puff piece for them to promote ST. A few mins long, and then they played a game where the host would give a name and they had to guess if it was a football player or a musician (Matt got both of his right, Dom missed both).
  20. For real. I thought I was hallucinating when I saw the commercial. Looks like Muse (Matt and Dom at least) are a guest on Good Morning Football tomorrow on the NFL network. Commercial had a clip of the Pressure video and introduced them as "rock supergroup Muse..." and said they'd talk about the intersection of sports and music. Showed a clip of them live in the studio with the host. It airs tomorrow from 7-10am EST, have no idea when during that time slot they will appear. You can watch NFL network live online. (in the US at least)
  21. Norwegian is how I was able to come over there for RAH. It wasn't as horrible as I feared, in fact the plane was brand new (and the economy seats were quite spacious), and only about 2/3 full both directions so many of the middle seats were empty. The worst part was honestly not having a meal and snack service.
  22. I'm over 50, don't want to say the exact number. In my defense, I was between jobs on the T2L tour and it was kind of a bucket list thing to me to follow my favorite band, so I did it. Unfortunately I got kind of hooked. But, aside from the gigs themselves, it's the fun of being with friends, meeting new people, traveling, and just how different it is from normal life. It doesn't really matter that the gigs themselves are very similar setlist-wise. The performances are always different and it's a really interesting experience to get into that mode of literally traveling every day to a new city and kind of escaping reality. As an aside, I know 3 people (other than me) that are in the range of 60-100. There are quite a few Americans in the 30+ range as well. That might be a reason why some of us are so vocal. So anyway, I finally made a song list since the gig last night was my last of 2018. Dead Star - 6 Agitated - 4 Nishe - 4 Host - 6 Fury - 2 Glorious - 1 Muscle Museum - 1 NSC - 1 Sign O ' the Times - 1 The Groove - 1 Yes Please - 1 Sunburn - 18 Unintended - 5 Falling Down - 2 Showbiz - 2 Easily - 1 Futurism - 1 Plug in Baby - 25+ Feeling Good -19 Bliss -17 New Born -14 Citizen Erased -11 Hyper Music - 1 TIRO - 25+ Interlude - 25+ Hysteria - 25+ Stockholm Syndrome - 25+ Apocalypse Please - 8 B&H - 8 RBS - 2 Sing for Absolution - 1 Take a Bow - 10 Knights - 25+ SMBH - 25+ Starlight - 25+ Map - 25+ Blackout - 5 Assassin - 3 Uprising - 25+ Resistance - 25+ UD - 25+ Eurasia -21 Guiding Light -11 US - 7 Exo pt 1 - 2 Isolated System - 25+ Follow Me - 25+ Panic Station - 25+ Supremacy - 25+ Unsustainable - 25+ Survival - 25+ Liquid State - 25+ Animals - 25+ Explorers -23 Prelude -24 Save Me - 2 Madness - 25+ Psycho - 25+ Dead Inside - 25+ Mercy - 25+ The Globalist - 25+ The Handler - 25+ Reapers - 25+ Defector - 2 Dig Down - 6 Thought Contagion - 3 Algorithm - 2 BITM - 2 TDS - 2 what song is MISSING from this list? A song that i feel like everyone I know has seen live except for me? Micro Cuts.
  23. I glanced at YT and didn't see it so I uploaded my recording of it. Here u go Lol, I was just the opposite. I knew this gig would be longer than than the NY gig but not normal length, but the fact it was at this smaller venue made me super excited. We had a weather situation here in NC and I had to change my flight because my original one got cancelled. And I'm SOOO glad I did. The crowd was great and the guys seemed really into it. My last few muse gigs were all from the seats so it was nice to get barrier for this last one before the proper tour starts.
  24. God this song is so good. I can't freaking wait to see it live again.
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