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  1. yeah, the last thing i want at european shows is the same crap they play here a billion times *sigh*
  2. that person is being sarcastic, right? imagine being a huge successful band that can do whatever you want, with a new album that has many great songs and instead you decide to play this setlist for another 25 gigs.
  3. jfc. what a disappointment if this is the case. I'm sorry but how freaking lazy can they be?
  4. Haha I hate (US)amphitheater shows for two reasons: 1- Security at outdoor venues tends to be a lot less competent than venues that operate year-round, so queuing/entry is a complete cluster. I've literally never had a smooth entry procedure for any amphitheater gig that I had GA tickets for. (Whether Muse or other bands). and 2 - it sucks queuing all day and attending gigs in 100F weather in the south. I've passed out before at a gig due to heatstroke and it's not fun!! just my 2 cents. Of course, a shitty gig is better than no gig at all if they don't come anywhere near you or you need a fix. edited to add: I suppose if you don't queue and just relax and go to chill, drink a beer, whatever, then it might be a great experience. i wouldn't know 😜
  5. Yeah that's the biggest thing that sucks about living here. Could be worse tho, we could be in SC.
  6. Just in case people are still clinging to this idea, I had the opportunity to speak to Matt in Philly and I asked him about a 2nd US leg in the Fall and he said no I even asked about spring 2020 and he said they "didn't have anything planned," - so take it for what it's worth. Very disappointing. 😞 Each tour is getting smaller and smaller. I feel especially bad for the folks in the PNW who didn't have anything remotely close - there are a lot of fans up there.
  7. This may be a dumb question but should I be concerned that the seating diagrams for these new gigs just show a normal stage and not the stage with the catwalk that is being used on the tour now? I would assume the production and setup for all indoor gigs would be the same??
  8. Yes, the EE VIP group gets let into the building 2 hrs before doors because they have the party + videogames. The Premium group usually gets in an hour before doors because they let you shop for merch. When it is time to go onto the floor, they will line both groups up in a single line with the EE folks at the front, then the premium bundle people. After all of you get let in, they open the floor for general GA. The lunchbox is maybe 13x9x5 (inches)?? The poster is rolled up inside (it is long and skinny). Ofc, this may be completely different if you are talking about stadium gigs...
  9. Oh wow I didn't realize there were no seats!!
  10. I fully expect Blockades to debut at the stadium shows. SH I'm surprised they didn't play here, but it's one of my least favorite on the album so its absence doesn't bother me. I have the same opinion about GUaF but I imagine live it is much better, so it might be pretty fun. I really was hoping for The Void though, that's my biggest disappointment.
  11. This is my first time going to the Bell Centre, and I was wondering what the setup there for the queue is like? The weather forecast is horrid for Saturday and it's not looking like a good situation -- anyone have any experience at gigs there?
  12. Yeah, I'm in raleigh! Yeah those 2 NC shows so close together were a huge surprise! We may not get another one for a while, but otoh, they probably have a pretty decent fanbase built up here. Geographically it could make sense if they do Charlotte - Nashville - Pittsburgh... Also it was April 2013 when they announced the Fall leg of T2L. So we have a little while to still have hope 😁
  13. The performances were great, my personal comfort level was zero 😂
  14. Yeah I know, that was my point in comparing this tour to T2L. They played stadiums that summer and then came back to the US in September with the same production as the 1st leg. But yeah, it will all depend on money. Don't get me wrong, I was happy they came back at all after Drones to play gigs for the places they skipped, but looking back - it kind of sucked. Summer amphitheater shows here in the Southeast are miserable because of the heat and humidity (and delays for storms like in Charlotte). With the smaller stage setup and both Muse and 30STM having VIP tickets with early entry, there was virtually no barrier left for normal GA folks at any of the gigs. That's why I'm so worried. I despise amphitheater shows and would rather see them play half of an arena any day. But ofc it's prob not the financially smart option. ☚ī¸
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