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  1. Yeah, I'm in raleigh! Yeah those 2 NC shows so close together were a huge surprise! We may not get another one for a while, but otoh, they probably have a pretty decent fanbase built up here. Geographically it could make sense if they do Charlotte - Nashville - Pittsburgh... Also it was April 2013 when they announced the Fall leg of T2L. So we have a little while to still have hope 😁
  2. The performances were great, my personal comfort level was zero 😂
  3. Yeah I know, that was my point in comparing this tour to T2L. They played stadiums that summer and then came back to the US in September with the same production as the 1st leg. But yeah, it will all depend on money. Don't get me wrong, I was happy they came back at all after Drones to play gigs for the places they skipped, but looking back - it kind of sucked. Summer amphitheater shows here in the Southeast are miserable because of the heat and humidity (and delays for storms like in Charlotte). With the smaller stage setup and both Muse and 30STM having VIP tickets with early entry, there was virtually no barrier left for normal GA folks at any of the gigs. That's why I'm so worried. I despise amphitheater shows and would rather see them play half of an arena any day. But ofc it's prob not the financially smart option. ☚ī¸
  4. You just had bad luck and were in a section with a sucky crowd. Sorry! I've only ever had seats to a handful of Muse shows (I always do GA), and I've always stood. I have a seat for the Florida gig and I fully plan on standing.
  5. I hope you're wrong. With the places they skipped on this tour it would be a shame for those folks to not get this setup at all. Tbh, the production for this tour is so awesome that it's a shame there are so few arena dates, period.
  6. Yeah but outdoor amphitheater season will be over in Sept. I think if they come back it will be the same as 2013 - they'll do like 10 or so shows with the same production.
  7. there are GA tix available on TM for this one now. I'll be there (IN A SEAT!)
  8. Saw this and had to chime in. The $$ I spent on VIP for the Killers on their last tour was worthless. They oversold (didn't appear to have a cap at all) their VIP and apparently everyone buys it. I really enjoy the killers and have seen them multiple times but I'm not a superfan. So yeah, my friend and I happened to go "check the venue" at like 9am the day of the gig and ended up having to stay all day and cancelling our plans because there were already 65 people in THE VIP QUEUE. There were literally more people in that queue than the normal GA queue. Needless to say, we didn't get barrier but the Killers is the one band that I can stand 2nd row and I'm OK because the crowd doesn't move at all. Weird how that's a blatant money-grab (basically a $150 surcharge on the cost of a ticket), yet I never heard a single fan of theirs complain. At least Muse hasn't quite reached that point yet.
  9. Anyone showing up for VIP at 10am is going to be wandering around with nowhere to go. They don't even start setting up the check-in tables until after 2.
  10. thanks for the info, and great pics as always! how far back were you in the crowd? i'd give anything for that view of the b-stage but i'm too short. this setup is not very kind to people like me. 😞
  11. actually I just found out about an hour ago she can't do it. 😞 I am trying to work out DC now instead since I have friends going to that one.
  12. Anybody queue for this show? Curious as to how much barrier was available since it sounds like the VIPs had 15 mins to get inside.
  13. I would love to believe your estimate -- I will use that to make me feel better for the gigs left that I have GA for. 😁
  14. IMO your estimates are way off. Just from my experience in Dallas, by the time I got to the floor, there was maybe the 15 spots on Matt's side of the catwalk, half the b-stage tip, and a handful of spots on chris's catwalk that were open. Maybe 30 spots total? Maybe more than that in the corners at the main stage -- I didn't look there. I mean, just by looking at photos of the gigs you can count heads and the barrier only holds about 100.
  15. I had to dig (down) deep to find this thread... Wish me luck folks, I am trying to convince a coworker who has never seen Muse before to go with me to this gig. She has a bunch of southwest points so we could fly for free, and after this gig, her life will be changed forever. I think it's a good deal for both of us! 😁
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