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  1. Wow! Are you going (or is that a crazy question)? Just seeing this got me excited -- the idea of having something to plan for for next Summer sounds amazing. Normally I dislike festivals but I'd do anything to see gigs next summer...
  2. I just hope that there's some room in this for a few straightforward performances of songs. I mean, I watch a concert film because I want to see the songs performed like at a gig. This is obviously not that but the trailer makes me think it's the total opposite, more of a movie with just pieces of performances spliced in. I guess we'll find out soon...
  3. Leave it to Muse to do the most illogical, irresponsible thing possible and not only release it in theaters, but likely ONLY in theaters.
  4. This. Thank god the other bands I listen to have been putting out all kinds of content during this, it's really been a lifesaver and improved my mental health.
  5. Re:showbiz in mexico -- There is no reason for them to not play that song regularly -- literally everyone begs them for it constantly. Good for the Mexican fans, but it's a shitty thing for them to keep doing.
  6. Yes, don't worry, they aren't actually cancelled. Read this thread:
  7. Haha this same thing just happened to me. I logged in this morning to see if the tickets were to be dispatched soon and saw the CANCELLED message. I pretty much had a panic attack. I messaged the twitter account and then they followed up via email to tell me everything was OK. I did NOT need a scare like that!!! 😮
  8. I don't have an extra but I do have a pic!
  9. The september gigs do not have early entry for the VIP packages, so you will be fine. Idk what happened at your gig in Cologne. People with non-VIP tickets are allowed into the "golden circle" unless you got there so late that they ran out of room.
  10. Board is unreadable today because of the spam posts...😥 Is it possible for you guys to make it so that you have to be approved before you can post something?
  11. This is an old post but man this is me so much....for a while now it seems 😂 I have a lot of friends that were Muse superfans back when I became a superfan....but then Drones tour - not so much. ST tour -- maybe a little better, but still not so much. Meanwhile I just keep trucking along and going to even more gigs. I mean the goal is always ~try to get as many rarities as possible~ but even when the gigs are all the same, they're still fun and I love going for a lot of reasons. Just can't stop 😮
  12. Man I haven't posted in this thread in years, I forgot it existed!! He did the guitar-licking thing in Philly too, I got an ok pic but my friend got a great one This pic is one of my favs I took on this tour, I think it's super hot
  13. Hi everyone. Haven't posted in this part of the forum in ages but I wanted to let everyone know I created a new Muse group on DeviantArt. It's called Muse-Art-Inspiration and I created it to take the place of MuseAddiction, which will become defunct. The group is brand new and I'm in the process of sending out invites and requests for art to be added to the galleries, so there's not a lot there yet. But don't be hesitant to join - it can grow fast, but it needs your help! I know these forums aren't as busy as they used to be but I'm sure there are some artists lurking out there! 😁
  14. You guys in the UK have it so easy. Good for you tho for taking advantage...
  15. I love your optimism and I hope you're right. London will be a milestone gig for me and it would be awesome to get something a little different. 😜
  16. So I have my seat I want pulled up for night 2 and it still won't give me any delivery options other than UK. I have never had this problem before, I'm at a loss. I'm about to put in a fake postcode and see if it goes through.
  17. hyena17

    muse vip@ O2

    as confirmed as it can be, I guess. the generic opening page on the CID website has early entry, but it says "for selected cities". They sold early entry for the first set of gigs and can't change it. But when you click on the new gigs, (all the ones in september), early entry is not listed and down at the bottom it has a disclaimer saying that "***early merchandise shopping does not include early entry to the floor"
  18. yeah so i'm trying to buy a seat for the 2nd night and it's only giving me UK delivery options. WTH am i supposed to do? the other ticket didn't do that
  19. thanks for the link, those are some amazing photos. God, what I wouldn't give to be able to bring a pro camera into a gig just once and have that kind of access. What kind of camera do you use? In Bristol I brought my little Canon G16 and thought I got some good pics and then I look at yours and want to throw mine in the trash 🤣
  20. hyena17

    muse vip@ O2

    If you are referring to the ticket packages offered through CID, it will be the same thing they have been offering all tour. The only difference is they are not allowing early entry onto the floor for these September gigs. You get a lunchbox, poster, and get to shop for merch early. If you purchase the EE ticket, you get the party with the VR videogames and bar and stuff. If you get a seat (not GA) with one of these packages, it will be in the first 15 rows.
  21. How is the queue situation here? I ask this having done it in 2012 but my old lady brain can't remember 😄 I vaguely remember it being very far from the city centre and there being nothing (food, toilets, etc) around within a reasonable walking distance. Can anyone confirm/deny?
  22. I was referring to London specifically, which may have not actually been that bad (just slow), it just seemed amplified with the crazy amount of people ditching their tickets. I remember when the dates were first announced everyone assumed there would be a 2nd London gig and it was quickly apparent there wouldn't be. 2006, that's pretty bad! I've only been able to go home afterward once as well, and that was in 2010.
  23. That's bad luck, sorry to hear that. But yeah I've given up on a US by-request show. Honestly even if we did have one, I do not have faith that any deep cuts would even be voted on -- at the most we'd get Bliss, CE, maybe B&H. It would basically just prove Matt right that the fans here just want to hear Starlight and Madness. I'd love to eat my words ofc and would totally love to be the most wrong person ever if it does happen and it's amazing.
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