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Found 15 results

  1. As a Scottish muse fan, I say GET MUSE TO SCOTLAND! 😂💜 we need you guys!
  2. A huge circulation of Fake tickets occurred at Muse's gig at the RAH in 2008: Many were left (including me) with fake/counterfeit tickets back then as well as Oasis's UK Arena Tour later that year which also saw a high volume of fakes. I have given a safe guide due to the recent tour news about how to be safe in relation to tickets & how we can beat them & stay safe! So please bare the following all in mind in terms of buying tickets. This goes for any gig you are going to & don't be fooled by people on Ebay who have great feedback neither, trust me this can easily be incorrect as someone set up an account, fake address etc but sold many small things privately to get the good feedback. 1 individual in 2007 stole over £3,000 off people who were buying tickets for concerts/festivals that were scheduled though the truth of the matter was that he never had the tickets to begin with. Fakes circulate much more around Standing area tickets than seats, but I'm not saying seats can not be done, the best seats can also be duplicated. From experience where fakes come stuck is the hologram a genuine one to their one is different, it maybe ok in terms of shape but in terms of logo it fails. Always find/look for what an original hologram looks like from the ticket promoter. If you've been to the venue of where the gig is held or have a used stub you will see clearly the hologram is unique. Be aware that when people print E Tickets to ensure to do checks on the person you are buying from because it stops no one from reprinting. Don't be fooled by people on Ebay with great feedback, scammers do this to trick make you believe them that they are trustworthy etc Be aware of Self Printed Tickets As People Could Scam You By Printing More Than 1, Once The Barcode Has Been Scanned For That Ticket The Ticket Is Marked As Used Be Safe People The Guide Always follow this procedure when/if buying from: Gumtree 3rd Party/Touts Buying From The Forums Scarlet Mist (They Have A List Of Fraudsters On Their Site) Another ticket outlet not known to you (Official or Unofficial) Be aware when you see a site selling cheap tickets, just above face value. Sites you should be aware of that are pure scam artists: http://www.safeconcerts.com/forum/th...124&t_urn=9895 http://www.ukticketfactory.com https://www.museboxoffice.com/index.html Stub Hub do Protect The Buyer But Read The Terms And Conditions First: Ask for the email address, ticket confirmation no. & postal address, then where they purchased the tickets After acquiring that Then: Log into the site yourself where it was bought from to verify this. If still in doubt call the ticket outlet with those details, if it all checks out then they are 100% good if not then don't even consider buying them. If you are you still not 100% ask for a pic of the tickets & match the ticket order no. to it, it’s always/usually printed on the ticket with a date as well. I have obtained tickets for the Muse gigs in Ocotber & I can verify that the tickets are standard that the O2 distributes, they won't be anything fancy. Now scammers & touts will always claim to have tickets which they don't & these are their tactics. I have scanned a genuine ticket from a previous gig at the O2 & have shown you how you know it’s real! This is how, The hologram is circular & has all of the following genuine authentic, valid & secure written on it, of course you have to move it a bit to see, but it is there. Right Still With Me? This is a Fake Oasis ticket from Wembley Arena, it looks the real deal in terms of the print/paper & all that is written but the hologram is just a pure cheap silver circle, touts & scammers will always foul up here. They can't duplicate the real hologram, it will look very cheap & tatty but appear normal as it may not be noticeable. Refer to the Royal Albert Hall thread in how they did the hologram for that gig & swindled money from me & many others! http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?t=53365 I kid you not people but there will be many fakes outs there in time, the majority will be when tickets are posted out etc! Hope this helps, I do this for all our sakes! Love Gianni
  3. Schillo87

    Pre-Show Songs

    Hi everyone! Is anyone know the songs between the support band and the Muse concert?
  4. Hello, I've gotten my code for the muse presale. When I click on the link for the Montreal gig, it displays that tickets will go on sale the 28th of october. On the Muse website it says that it will go on sale Octobre 21st, which makes sense since it goes on sale for the general public on the 23rd. Will I be able to get them the 21st of october in the presale period? I messaged Ticketstoday but haven't gotten an answer If you know anything... Thanks!
  5. http://www.evergig.com/concerts/2015/05/29/Olympiapark_M%C3%BCnchen_Munich/Muse
  6. Enjoy! http://www.evergig.com/concerts/2010/12/06/Brisbane_Entertainment_Centre_Brisbane,_Queensland/Muse
  7. Rumour has it that Muse will headline Pinkpop next year alongside U2. What do you guys think? The article (in Dutch) : http://www.lofftherecord.nl/muse-u2-pinkpop-2015-line-up-2015-wordt-beter-dan-jaar/
  8. Does anyone know who or how I could get in touch with Muse about doing a gig poster for their Brazil show in Rio this September?? Was hoping to get an email address of a manager or promoter. Thanks!
  9. Anyone have any news on the Newton Abbot gig, Devon? I no they were struggling for space there but thats all i've heard :/ any further news would be appreciated, thanks x
  10. Liron

    Israel for Muse

    So just to make a point before I start getting all those 'when a thread gets locked' links... this thread isn't asking when and if Muse are coming here and hopefully this thread won't come across as a 'begging' thread, that isn't our intention. Basically the Musers here are doing all they can and probably more than anyone has ever done before to bring their favorite band over and seeing as this is a Muse forum, we figured we should tell you all about it and hopefully get some more support Some of you may recall how much effort we've put into bringing Muse to Israel in 2007 and that we actually had a show scheduled. A show which was later cancelled (for the record, the band isn't to blame...). We've written letters, made several projects, passed stuff to Muse themselves and at the same time promoted a big petition to bring them to Israel (ipetitions.com/petition/museisrael). When all that failed and the show was cancelled, we were told that the tour was finishing and that we won't get to see them over before 2010. So what can you do? We waited patiently! (plus those of us capable of doing so flew around to see them). ^^ we gave Muse 'a star' from the Israeli fans.. that day we also gave Dominic his scrapbook. Greece 2007 ^^ some of the lucky ones who quickly managed to fly over for a show after the Israeli show was cancelled. Hungary 2007 (there were around 50 of us there and many more flags lol) Now we're in 2010 and we're back to our old tricks. However, this time Muse are bigger than ever in our little country, with more radio plays than before and The Resistance being the third best selling album of the year by an international artist and chosen no.1 as most favorite. Thanks to that of course we're gaining even more support this time around. We've got a brand new website (http://muse.org.il - if anyone wants Hebrew lessons, let me know ), we've had articles detailing our efforts in some of the biggest Israeli news/music websites and we're in touch with literally every big show producer in the country. One of these producers has already mentioned all these producers are virtually fighting over Muse with everyone wanting to be 'remembered' as those who brought the best live act in the world to our country. But for some reason things are moving extremely slowly if at all... So right now we're pushing our new petition (with over 4000 members already!) forward - http://bring.museisrael.com And we'd just be happy to hear from others and get as much support as possible from people all around the world. And if/when Muse do come here, you can all come and stay at my place knowing the Israeli fans, they'll be so excited the show will be a must to all those who can make it!! 2009 was a good year for shows around here (Madonna with 2 gigs 50,000 sold out.. Leonard Cohen 50,000... Depeche Mode 25,000.. And smaller shows like Faith No More 7000, Dream Theater 12000... you get the point! The people here like live shows). Pixies, Santana and Dave Matthews Band (happy ) were already announced for 2010. But something's missing. Rise up and take the power back.. etcetc http://bring.museisrael.com EDIT: full list of what we've done so far... http://muse.org.il/israel/doneeng.htm
  11. Supermassive Black Hole - A Tribute to MUSE will be peforming at Highline Ballroom in NYC on Saturday, July 16th at 8pm. Performing songs from all of Muse's albums and backed by an energetic and stellar live show. Saturday, July 16 2011 Concert starts @ 8PM Doors open @ 6PM Tickets $5.00 Highline Ballroom 431 W 16th St New York, NY United States, Earth, Sol, Milky Way
  12. Hi do you know the titles of music on hold in the pre-muse period? sorry for my english, thank you!! Riccardo
  13. i always bought seating tickets but this concert i have bought standing how early to i need to line up to get a good space? doors open at 4:30 thank you alaya
  14. I know Muse played at the Royal Albert Hall for The Teenage Cancer Trust a few years ago. I really want to see them at the same venue again...since it would be awesome. Do you guys think that Muse would gig there again? And does anyone here have any idea how much the tickets cost last time at the hall for standing or seated?
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