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  1. Sybil

    Groupie Tour for Europe

    I am going to the Szygit festival near Budapest, hoping and crossing fingers that Muse play there one night! Its a 7 day festival, so there should be room on the bill!!
  2. Sybil

    Groupie Tour for Europe

    Dreamana: I am going to Milan and Rome. Are you buying tickets with the presale? If you are, can you buy me one too - I will pay you for it obviously, and we can go together if you have no one else too. I just read the ticket thing...you can still get floor/dance tickets, without this huge price. I prefer room to move anyway, than being squashed at the front...though I would love to do the enhanceed experience thing, it is really expensive! I am also going to Nijmegen, Krakow and Cologne, but I have someone getting me tickets... I am also going to Rida, Helsinki, Zurich, Lisbon and Madrid hopefully
  3. Sybil

    Groupie Tour for Europe

    Hey, have you decided on which shows you are trying for? I need help with Lisbon, Madrid, Riga, Helsinki, Rome, Milan, and Zurich!
  4. Sybil

    Groupie Tour for Europe

    Any chance you can buy me a ticket in Madrid?
  5. Sybil

    Groupie Tour for Europe

    Thanks for the offer, but I have help with those two places. I need a whole list of otheres!
  6. You could try the Facebook page of Music Travel. They are a travel company specifically for travelling to festivals and gigs. Hope that helps
  7. Sybil

    Groupie Tour for Europe

    Would you be willing to buy me a ticket? I have no idea how to go about buying tix in Europe, but am totally able to provide money for the ticket at the time of purchase. I was planning on either London or Bristol (or both!). Madrid sounds great and I would love Rome, Norway somewhere and/or Germany, or anywhere really!! I would love floor tickets of course, and would so love to meet and travel with a fellow Muser. If you like we can continue this conversation via email or fb for ease and convenience. Oh, God! I am getting a little excited already!!
  8. Hi Everyone, I live in Australia and am sick of missing out on the awesome shows of Europe So am going to go on a 5-10 gig epic journey next year. Anyone want to join for part or all add you interest to this thread. Would be amazing to travel with Muse fans from gig to gig, film and do a mini doco... Anyone? Also needing ticket help - especially if you can include me in your presale purchasing! Floor tickets would be awesome, can't afford the Enhanced Experience... Riga, Helsinki, Zurich, Milan, Rome, Lisbon and Madrid ticket help needed!
  9. Sybil


    So, so, so excited to be seeing you guys again! It's been WAY too long. Please please please play for HOURS! This will make up for the big void of not having seen you for 4 whole years. Thank you!
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