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  1. 75% of gigs really means "probably one, but maybe two if you're lucky!!" at every gig. There are a lot of zeroes in there for no reason at all. And I wouldn't count SS as a rarity for Drones. it was played pretty regularly on the T2L tour. Seems like the best bet for US fans if you want a rare song, is go to the gigs at the very end of a tour, go to Montreal, or organize some kind of fan request.
  2. Yeah, that's the thing. The people up front are totally into it. The band just needs to pretend they are in a club for one song and only pay attention to the pit!
  3. Ok, so I went on setlist.fm and made a list of rarities on the last 2 NA tours. I didn't include the amphitheater tour because afaik, I think Map was played at a couple shows but that's it. T2L San Diego - Bliss LA - Bliss LA - Map, Sunburn, Save Me LA - Map Oakland - Sunburn Sac - 0 Portland - Map, Sunburn Seattle - 0 Edm - Map Calgary - 0 Vanc - 0 Sunrise - Bliss Tampa - 0 Orlando - Map Cinn - 0 Cleveland - 0 Detroit - Map, Sunburn Chicago - Sunburn Columbus - Map Minn - Map, Sunburn St. Louis - Sunburn (around this time the setlist dropped to 20 from 21, save for 2 gigs) Tulsa - 0 Houston - Map Dallas - Sunburn Phoenix - Map LV - Map Toronto - Map Toronto - Dead Star* Boston - Map Uncasville - Sunburn NY - Map NY - Sunburn, Dead Star* NJ - 0 Montreal - Map Montreal - Sunburn, Micro Cuts ---Fall leg--- Charlotte - Agitated Atlanta - Map, Sunburn, Agitated Nashville - NSC, US, Agitated Pittsburgh - Map, Fury*, US Philadelphia - 0 DC - US SLC - Map, Sunburn, B&H, US Denver - Sunburn, US Drones Houston - 0 Dallas - CE* Phoenix - AP Vanc - Bliss Seattle - CE Portland - Eurasia Oakland - 0 LA - Eurasia LA - 0 SD - AP LV - Map Chicago - Map Detroit - Map Toronto - CE and AP Q city - Map and AP Montreal - Bliss, Map, and AP Montreal - CE, Map, Eurasia Q city - Bliss, Map, Eurasia Boston - Map, AP NY - Map and AP NJ - Map, Eurasia Philly - Map, AP DC - Map and CE* and AP I put asterisks on the ones that were extenuating circumstances (fan request, etc). Red ones were played once. So yeah, that's not that great, IMO. Especially that whole first half of the Drones tour. More than I expected though for AP. Idk if Eurasia would be considered a rarity at all but I called it one for the Drones tour, idk maybe bc personally I really like it
  4. I didn't say that. I said that it's lazy to pull out a generic setlist in one country and never change it. I didn't say they don't put in physical effort or emotion. If I thought that, I'd quit going to gigs. It's just that, for whatever reason, the setlists here are 99% predictable, which is not a good thing for a band that has been around as long as they have. There is definitely a lack of...something...going on here. We will not get any of those four at any US arena shows. I'd bet on that. This. I remember singing along with it and every once in a while getting broken out of my trance and looking around and nearly everyone around me (some on the barrier with me, some one row behind me) completely disengaged like they had no idea what was happening.
  5. The point is, it's not even a realistic observation. I mean, he doesn't even know what the reaction would be because they don't play those rarities enough to even find out. There is a bigger percentage of people at any given gig that don't know any songs off a new album and will have the same reaction, so "killing the energy" or whatever isn't an excuse either. Nothing killed the energy of a gig the way that NKOK did, yet they continued with that. I mean, yeah maybe I'm reading too much into it, but the simplest explanation is just laziness. Play the generic radio hit setlist for the US, it gets good crowd reactions for the popular songs. It takes zero effort and they don't have to change anything up. And I guess there just aren't enough people standing there with their hands in their pockets during Resistance the way I do, then.
  6. That's what gets me. Even if half the audience doesn't know Dead Star, it shouldn't matter. Matt is so hung up on the US audiences "knowing" the songs. Guess what, the people paid money to see you because they like your stuff. Play something they don't know and they will be curious. Nobody is going to leave a gig or stand there with their hands in their pockets because a song they don't recognize is being played. Fucking hell, they're the only band that seems to have this line of thought.
  7. yeah the US version of the medley will be the opening riff of CE (to troll the US fans that think it's a super rarity), a bit of SS, and maybe Reapers. I'd love for the proper US tour gigs to get the same medley as they played at RAH. Sadly that's prob our only chance of hearing even bits of those songs ever again. Good luck to everyone going to this gig. With such a short set, I hope they at least throw you a bone and stick one or two goodies in there (Open with Algorithm at the very least).
  8. So, I have an extra MEDIUM shirt if anyone forgot to buy one and wants it. I bought a small and a medium bc the sizes were so discrepant and didn't know which would fit. Turns out I'm keeping the small, so if anyone wants to buy the medium for what it cost (£25), lmk. I am leaving London tomorrow so if you want it, you can meet me somewhere tomorrow by noon or you'll have to pay for me to ship it to you from the US.
  9. Quick thoughts: I loved the Medley, but I am also American, so if we get that at our gigs, it will be great. I'd love to have NB in full though as a closer. I loved BITM. Crowd looked good from the first level of boxes. A nice circle pit appeared during Knights in the center of the floor:LOL: I took a few vids -- the medley, algo, showbiz, unsustainable. it was a decent angle I think: good for you Jobby getting the drumstick! those signs...ugh. I heard people were doing that and while it's a good notion, I just don't think during a gig like this is the place for it.
  10. I know. That's why 99% of the gigs I go to I try to be on barrier. Even when I have a seat I have to have 1st row because if there is one 7ft tall guy in the building, he will inevitably be right in front of me.
  11. this is amazing, i'm so glad I checked in here. I was able to get a first row box seat which is much preferable being 4'11" I will be picking up my tickets at will call so I will my listing my stalls seat on musebay later if anyone is interested.
  12. Yeah, I'm assuming they will have 2 setups, one for arenas and one for stadiums, and that they all have that catwalk. Some of the maps probably just aren't updated yet.
  13. So I got up this morning really expecting another London date. Is Bristol still a thing or are they just going to have a giant gap between London and Manchester?
  14. well I know, but they fit in so well with the tone, I think. Don't get me wrong, I know there's zero chance any of them will be played, but what I'm saying is that if ONE of them was, it would elevate the setlist from shit to amazing. One song is all it takes
  15. Ok, so this is what I'm anticipating for the US tour. Basically the setlist last night in NY is the meh (excepting new songs) that we are used to, and I expect every one of those songs to be played at every US gig. The set was 50 mins, so that leaves about 40 mins (if we are lucky enough to get a whole 90 minute set, which is not guaranteed by any means). algorithm psycho pressure hysteria SH Propaganda PiB Madness TDS SMBH TIRO Starlight DD(gospel) Mercy uprising --- TC GUAF knights IMO this is a horrible setlist but likely. I figure there is a decent chance we get IS or TAB thrown in there somewhere. Oh and I forgot Resistance. I'm so gd sick of that song but they love to play it here. They're more likely to play that than PiB tbh. It's sad because I think the rock medley that Matt was referring to was for the stadiums, we certainly won't get that here. I'd LOVE to just get one or two songs out of MK, Exo-politics, RBS, Panic Station. Realistically the only (rare-not-rare) songs we might get are TAB, Map, or Bliss. Those are the go-to it seems in the US when they feel the need to give us a pseudo-rarity.
  16. yeah, said they were playing at MSG. Didn't somebody on here look at the MSG schedule and figure out that only like 2 dates were available??
  17. Pressure sounds a thousand times better than last night
  18. it makes me so sad. I hate stuff like this that shuts out actual fans.
  19. You probably should. Would be nice to have some actual fans get in. Gonna be disappointing for them to debut new songs and have a good portion of the crowd not know them. Hope I'm wrong!
  20. I just called them after seeing your post because I haven't gotten mine either. After sitting on hold for 20 mins I was told that the tickets won't be sent until "Nov 16 at 2pm," which I thought was oddly specific, but there you go!
  21. I'll be there. Not expecting a super setlist since it's one of these generic Xmas gigs, but it's worth it just for the small venue.
  22. very much so. the only gigs here that will completely sell out are possibly NYC and LA.
  23. yeah this is pretty much worst-case scenario and my fear as well sadly, i'm fairly confident this is what we'll be getting in the States (except they'll figure out a way to shorten it even further)
  24. Fair enough. I guess we are lucky in that there's always a chance of greatness, even if we aren't expecting it.
  25. you'd think so, but they sell enough tickets to have not really felt the need to do it in a while. I guess they pull in just enough new fans every album that it makes up for the old ones that drop off! I couldn't imagine spending $ for a gig if I felt this way. To each their own!
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