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Found 13 results

  1. Cmawby24


    I am looking to buy tickets for the September o2 tour. I went to see muse in June in London, I brought my tickets in November and received a presale code , I haven't received a presale code this time and I don't get why. Does any one kn ow why or how I can get one ?
  2. Who else hasn’t received their tickets to see Muse on Saturday 8th June (being this Saturday) in Manchester at the Etihad Stadium? Apparently there was a mix up with the the last batch and so everyone is recommended to call and get new tickets to be collected from the venue. But I can’t get in touch with them. It’s a nightmare.
  3. Hi, I have 2 tickets for sale for the Prague gig on 26th May 2019. These tickets are in Section C so great tickets and face value of €307. I can't go now so please make a sensible offer. thanks.
  4. Hi Muse booking team, Seems like this site is automatically snathching tickets as sales open: https://live-booker.fr/concerts/muse_paris_2019-07-06?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=cpm&utm_campaign=Muse+France+2018&fbclid=IwAR3IhbI3PuX_8ngGacNf65seOfZs49P_DH2NXvbDnR-XBsbnJAsBvI1Lvp8 Doesn't seem fair. FYI
  5. I'm selling a pair in Orch H, row MM (can no longer go). Just looking for what I paid - $295 for pair & I can transfer them to you via Ticketmaster. Please let me know. You can email me directly at klhrabosky@gmail.com since I'm having issues with this PM system. Thanks, Kara
  6. Hi Everyone, I’m writing because I have a problem with my Muse concert ticket I’ve bought via muse.mu in september 2015. I’ve bought 2 tickets for the concert in Milan of may 14th, but on that night I’ll have a flight and so it’s impossible for me taking part at the concert. As you guys have taken the tickets via muse.mu you know that I don’t have physically them, but I’d have to take that tickets on the same day of the concert at the venue and when I’ve bought them this things was written on the –mail: The thing I want to know is: can I give my two tickets at two friends of mine? How does “will call” ticket work? Must I go at the venue, take my tickets and only after that I could give my tickets to my friends? Usually at what time can I take my tickets? I've read something in other concert sites, but I just want to know experiences about all people which went to a Drones Tour Concert with my same ticket. Thanks in advance Marco
  7. I know people hate selling on this website but this is a desperate measure I'm Already upset as it is that I can't make it!! So I am selling my 2 standing muse tickets for face value only at Dublin 3 arena 5th April.
  8. So I bought tickets to yesterday and today because I was hoping to to both, but George Lucas/JJ Abrams/ Disney decided to ruin my life because I work in a movie theater and now I can't go tonight because of Star Wars (no hate, it just sucks working these huge weekends) And I have (1) ticket for Loge 109 row 16 that I need to sell. Any takers? It's a pretty amazing seat, bonus- it's an aisle seat! So if people in front of you are too crazy, you can lean to the side and still see the guys Asking for face value ($95USD) OBO. I'll email you the tickets as soon as you pay via PayPal. I'm at work already and it's madness here so I know I can get out and go to the show. Message or email me!
  9. Hey everyone, I've got a presale code which i plan to use for Boston January 25th. I know there was a limit for only 2 tix at per each presale code a while back, and I'm looking to find out if that still stands. Preferably, I'd like to get 4 tickets with one presale code. Does this work? Thanks
  10. Hello, well the thing is that, i want to purchase the tickets to the concert in santiago chile, to buy the pre-sale tickets i need to have a specific code that proves i have been member of the muse community for over 1 month, i do have this code, but the e-mail associeted with this account is blocked and i can`t get in it, so i`m afraid that when i purchase the tickets, i could not enter this account and lose the money and the tickets, is there anyway to use my code with another account? or change the e-mails account? Sorry for my bad english
  11. Since my tickets are willcall, will I be assigned a seat later or do I have floor seats reserved? Did anyone else almost flip their lid trying to figure out the city and state fields?
  12. Je vends 2 places catégorie 1 Gradins pour le concert de samedi 22 juin au Stade de France, Paris.
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