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    Actually I don't like Muse any more in terms of LP's only between 1999 - 2003. In 2007 I realized they were so predictable with pop LP's, pop crowds & boring repeated set lists
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    All LP's, EP's & Singles, Rarities, 18 DVD's & over 100 Bootlegs
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    November 1999 (Supporting Skunk Anansie)
    May 2000 (Supporting Bush)
    Docklands Arena 2001
    Reading 2002
    Earls Court 2004 (Worst Gig)
    Wembley Arena 2006 (1st Night)
    Wembley Stadium 2007 (Both Nights)
    Marlay Park 2008
    Wembley Stadium 2011 (The Real Fans Night, Just Like Matt Said)
    Horse Guards Parade 2013 (Terrible But Free)
    Shepherd's Bush Empire 2017

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  1. 2 proper gigs in 10 ys, that's not bad for someone who used to like them alot
  2. The Rest My Vocals Medley is probably the Highlight for anyone Old Skool barring the new songs, I hope 90% of the crowd left after it. This is obviously going to be the format for the tour, maybe a few song swaps but its not common, gosh what a waste of money
  3. It's not a surprise to me that maybe finally Muse are losing fans..........this woeful new LP which is just as terrible as the last 3 & that Matt's pro brexit not to mention they couldn't even sell out the current 2 dates in London next year proves something......................oh & the predictable setlists since 2007
  4. Ideally but asking too much Assassin Dead Star Muscle Museum Easily Glorious Sunburn Agitated Micro Cuts Showbiz Fury Interlude/Falling Away With You In Your World Eternally Missed Ruled By Secrecy Futurism Bliss Stockholm Syndrome
  5. EC was terrible for me in 2004, not the best venue for gigs & an woeful, boring dull crowd who just came because MTV told them to. I'm glad I sold my ticket to Reading in 2011, I didn't miss anything that I hadn't seen before, least I could hear Mr Brexit do the vocals himself rather than Chris. I wish I had gone to Wembley in 2003 but it was too tough with back to back gigs the same night they played
  6. I've known it since 2007, the props etc just got ridiculous in 2010 it was silly, it was good before etc but hats off for diversity but its more so the music, if I wanted to see a show I'd go to the theatre but Muse are a show & it doesn't interest me, its alot of things, the selling of the Manson Guitars, Twilight that utter shite, WW Z 2013 etc
  7. The Drill, Black & Decker? lol I like many got shafted with fake tickets at the RAH gig in 2008 & told people in thread which has gone now about how to avoid fake tickets/sites etc That's why I would come back to the forum to ensure people who be careful as I know myself how eager to any band.
  8. Yet another astonishing Set List at the festivals with huge surprises & rarities, the gig last Saturday was supposed to be tracks we all choose, it was just great to hear it for a change but look what it took for it to happen. I would have liked Sunburn, FAWY & The Groove but hey ho! Oh don't forget the homecoming gig they did in September 2009, expecting a good say 3/4 old skool material etc but it was a waste of time, Cave just one song, like I said boring because they rather play the same songs all the time. I know you can't admit it but at least I can, yes you all follow Mr Brexit everywhere, go on holiday with him, always stand by his side, never say anything wrong, buy the tour shirt, single the vinyl, the LP with DVD behind the scenes, clock up I was at the barrier, saw them 12 times this month etc but its just Groundhog Day. If I'm right, most of you lot thought Survival was a joke & not to be taken seriously, well when it appeared on the LP & they finished it with it Live on that tour what did you say then........... I've seen it & done it all, I got alot of great memories of seeing Muse like you, I had a damn good time last week & hats off to the crowd wherever you were in the gig but its not for me anymore enjoy yourselves xx
  9. People like you wished you had seen them when I did, you are the lot that made them into a Pop Act not me I made them big but couldn't care less about them now because they are boring in terms of the music they are making & predictable set lists. I was lucky to get a ticket & even more so to get Stalls, I don't have time for any LP tour of theirs, even when they did Reading in 2011 Mr Matt Brexit Bellamy couldn't even sing certain parts of Hyper Music because he was errrrrrr? What Old? Rubbish!! How could he not have the voice. lol Troll no, Old Skool, where were you in September 1999 when I heard & saw Muse..........I'd love to know. I love when people say I've seen them 20 times etc................from which year?, yea exactly
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