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Found 4 results

  1. Saw it on muse live, think it should be on this forum, to avoid a few pointless threads.
  2. :::-- Please note no discussion of homemade Zvex pedals of any kind, such as the Fuzz Factory, on the board please --::: the kit and tab faq Before making a post We have a real problem with duplicate threads! Please first check here to see if your question is answered (it probably is) if not please use search to check if it's been made before (title only gets good results). also check musewiki. This thread should have the answers to many queries. it is divided into 5 sections muse songs muse gear muse gear (continued) muse effects non-muse related if you are wanting to post about a particular song always search to see if a thread on the song is already there. if you're in any doubt about anything please pm me here are some links to the most common threads General discussion on anything kit and tab related post pictures of your gear Manson guitars and equipment (also see MB-1 thread, DL-1 thread, MB-2 SE thread, CE-7 thread, and Cort MBC-1 thread) Fuzz Factory/fuzz probe thread the selling thread pics of you rocking out gigging General luthiery thread recommend gear thread G.A.S. thread thread for quick questions on anything kit and tab related (un)worthy mods (DIY thread) Effects Settings resouce plug your band and mp3s what order should my effects pedals go in kaoss pad thread Dom's drums tab request thread Also, if you would like to post your covers of muse or non-muse songs, please see the cover thread here Additions, suggestions or corrections are welcomed and appreciated. PM me, Tom!, or Matthijs if you have any ideas
  3. I am going to play a cover of MotP with my friends and since we have two guitarists, we thought it would be cool if one of us would play the piano theme on guitar... I've looked all over internet and didn't found it.. Could someone be kind and send some tabs? Thanks
  4. (looked for this thread, couldn't find it) I love to play muse songs on guitar, and muse also got me to revist the piano more often, which i had abandoned many years ago. So, what song can you play? Anything, guitar, drums, bass, piano/keyboard, if you can actually sing. (Hey i think any of us would give anything to sing like matt, i try and fail) If you have one, does your band cover muse songs? Do you add a little of your own touch to the songs? Are there songs you've tried and failed? Because Muse is a very talented group, this can happen to many people. doesn't matter if your new to the instrument, feel free to post. On Guitar -Fillip -Just the intro, but its genuis. have to learn the rest -New Born - dropped D fun -Bliss- definatly one of the best muse guitar riffs -Hyper Music - I almost broke my guitar neck and the ceiling fan in my room on this one jumping around. It is one of their most rocking songs. I love to do the scratching intro. -Plug In Baby - supposedly this came from a classical song, the best muse song in my opinion -Hysteria - this one warrents footshuffling and dancing while you play -The Small Print- try and play it as fast as possible -Invincible - The solo IS SO HARD. the most challenging muse thing i've tried to play. I can play it, but not nearly as fast tapping as bellamy. This one is a finger stretcher. - Exo- Politics - catchy, simple riff, with lots of cool other stuff. -Assassin- ne nananananana ne nananananana ne nanananaa BAMMM lol -Knights of Cydonia - Great. Every part. Especially the... ohhh just every part. The only song i'm still failing at is "the groove". haven't found a good tab for it yet. If you know of one, give a shout.
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