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Found 10 results

  1. Saw it on muse live, think it should be on this forum, to avoid a few pointless threads.
  2. It means just released by Muse, not radio stations, TV shows, festivals... just live releases by the band. (CD, video, mp3, presents...) We could create a nice index. SHOWBIZ ORIGIN OF SYMMETRY ABSOLUTION BLACK HOLES & REVELATIONS THE RESISTANCE THE 2ND LAW NON ALBUM TRACKS
  3. I want to learn playing the bass and was just wondering which Muse songs are the easiest?
  4. just wondering if all the artists and bands on the forum wanted to record christmas songs and post them on here to share? traditional songs or just versions of traditional songs would be good! anyone in?
  5. Hello, Musers. I am starting out on piano and would like to learn some Muse songs. What are some of the easiest ones to play? Thanks for reading
  6. Can someone help me getting the right sound for any Muse songs? Or al least a close sound. I count with a Line 6 spider IV, boss ds-1, boss mt-2, boss ch-1, digitech whammy dt, and an zvex fuzz factory. I also have two guitars, a Gibson SG with two P90s and a Jackson Dinky. Thanks
  7. In your opinion, what do you think is the most beautiful Muse song? I know there are many Muse songs that are considered to be beautiful. Maybe some are seen as more beautiful than others. I'd just love to hear other people's opinions. I think Hyper Chondriac Music is hauntingly beautiful. I love it way more than Hyper Music because I find that the slowness of the song creates some sort of atmospheric vibe. Whenever I hear it, I just get lost in the song. It's actually my favourite Muse song
  8. Hey, I'm doing a short powerpoint/movie for a school project and I was hoping that I could use a Muse song in the background I'm not sure about copyright limits to the song (Supermassive Black Hole) though... Do I need to contact Muse requesting permission to use their music, and if so then how can I do this? Thanks P.S. If needed I will also ask for the teacher's permission, and I will credit the song and Muse at the end.
  9. Apocalypse please! Starting with a Sunburn and Butterflies & Hurricanes (chaos theory)..Starlight will be useless due to a Supermassive Black Hole Darkshines would cause a Glorious Blackout; only few people have a Guiding Light, so Hysteria would take effect. My last ideas would be the Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist - A City of Delusion, where people believe They are Invincible. They'd become the first of the Citizen Erased; living a a small Cave in ignorant Bliss of The Small Print of the contract of the universe. After Endlessly trying to Escape, a leader will emerge in the shape of a man called Fillip (who has in the past Ruled By Secrecy incidentally..), who will coin the slogan "I Belong To You," before dropping it due to an outrcry of Fury from survivors protesting he had Megalomania, meaning he was not fit for duty! An Assassin tried to kill him by Microcuts, using an ancient technique found in the Muscle Museum in Stockholm. Syndrome, the New Born cyborg built by the Knights Of Cydonia, was originally used to quell The Resistance, that began Uprising in 2142 in Australia. They had found an old Soldier's Poem on their Map Of The Problematique claiming that Showbiz was ruining the old school (working) system of Exo Politics, where Unnatural Selection was finding it's bearings in the creating of the first artificial life, the Screenager. The original of these, a cyborg called Uno, was an Unintended stroke of genius by a man after Falling Down on a long stag night out. On interview, he was quoted saying: "I was far from Sober at the time..I was trying to prove that life on other planets did exist, and it wasn't just some Hoodoo. My mates told me I was Overdue in checking in to a psychiatrist, they said I had Space Dementia! Pfft!" Uno was a Plug In Baby though. He needed a special adapter that had a Hyper Music current running through it ( at least 300Amps), but after many improvements he worked in the end, keeping order in the world. There was a large Interlude until the Nishe religion grew in 2445, claiming Redemption was the only way anybody could ever start Feeling Good about themselves again in this broken world. They began spreading the word of their new book, claiming it was an Intro; a guide for the Cross Pollination of the (at this time AI) cyborgs and humans. The cornerstoneof this belief was Falling Away With You, because they preferred to be passive and let others become part of the MK..* That seems to be the story of the rebirth of the Universe through careful rebuilding. You could call it an Exogenesis of sorts I suppose.. Time Is Running Out, So I'll Take A Bow. What do you think? P.S (Hate This And I'll Love you guys :'3 ) *Ultra zealots in the Nishe religion, mastering an almost Zen-like state of mind in their quest for redemption..
  10. After seeing them several times, I never get tired of hearing their sweet intros, chaotic outros, along with the jams in between songs. I have recently downloaded several "fan made" versions of Helsinki Jam, Osaka Jam, MK Jam, and We Are The Universe. I have to admit that 1 song before/after another makes it more epic. Example: We Are The Universe which sets the tone and leads into Uprising.
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