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  2. Thanks for the pic, much appreciated. ;)

    Hope you're well!

  3. Hey! Hope all is okay with you setty. :)

  4. Hey, you're back! How's it going?

  5. Ohhh I see, yes I remember the Bliss group...it's a shame it's gone. :(

    Okay, was nice to talk to you as well. And...it's always coffee time. ;)


  6. I have to go in few minutes, dudy...it was really nice to talk to you again. maybe I can connect at night again, but I am not sure. now it is coffee time (again).

    bye dear dudy, good afternoon.

  7. I remember about a notice from the staff, I hadn't got the time then to care about it: I am just sorry for the Bliss group: it was the first one I created and a lot of people joined it...I loved it, but it is gone now. it's ok...

  8. Hey! Long time + no speak...how's it going? :happy:

  9. Ohh that's what's missing, the social groups! I noticed something had changed but couldn't pick out what it was...

  10. I just think that the kind of Muse-fan changed: users now on the board don't care about the keeps so much as when I joined this forum.

    and...the social groups disappeared as well..

  11. Yeah it's nice here and good for when you need a break, which is what I'm doing right now.

    I've only just noticed that as well, that's odd! Maybe people will claim for more things again now that the thread has reappeared...

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