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Found 2 results

  1. We know a lot of you will want tickets or will have unwanted tickets, so this is a thread for you people who don't wish to go down routes like eBay. People seeking to sell/swap tickets: You are to make one post in this thread stating the city and venue your ticket is for, how many tickets you wish to sell/swap, the date of the gig and type of ticket (Standing or Seated, if Seated, please state seats). When you click the button to post you will be given a form to fill in so all this information is present. Â Prices are to be face value only! (This is the price stated on the ticket) You may add onto this price any fees you were charged by the original ticket vendor at purchase and the postage costs. To be clear - you are not making any profit! Â You must also state your postage and packaging fees if applicable. Please do not artificially inflate these prices but state as close to the actual cost as possible. Check the UK Royal Mail Postage Costs for postage costs in the UK. If you are sending internationally please check prices as they will vary. Â Please wait for people to PM you and use your discretion for whom to sell tickets too. Â Â People seeking tickets Please do not post in this thread saying you need or want a ticket as a lot of people will want tickets. You are to read this thread and when you find a gig you'd like a ticket for please PM that member to enquire. Â No advertising This thread is not for the use of advertising your selling of tickets elsewhere (for example - eBay). Advertising is not allowed on this board. If you cannot follow these rules, please do not try and sell tickets here. Â Check with the user first Prior to handing over money/posting tickets to users, it is good practice to make sure that the person is reliable, if the person has only registered a few days ago or has posted one or two posts; you should perhaps investigate a bit more about this person before you send them anything. It would be best practice to see a picture of the tickets of have the original confirmation email sent to you to prove the seller genuinely has tickets to sell. You will be using this service at your own risk. Â Swaps must be of a similar value If tickets are being exchanged their total face value must be approximately the same. Swapping two seated at one gig for two standing at another gig is probably fine, for example, but swapping three seated for one standing is not, however. Â No asking for or offering cash incentives for swaps Swaps are for tickets only. Not tickets plus cash. A pint is really the most you can offer as a thanks, NOT money. If anyone breaks this rule please report them. Â Delete your post If you sell your ticket or the date of the concert passes with no sale, please delete your post (rather than just editing it to just sold). It makes the thread a lot more user friendly! Â Anybody who takes advantage of or defrauds other message board users may be permanently banned from the board. We will not show leniency with a failure to comply with these rules. Â Please report all abuse of MuseBay to the message board staff. The Muse message board, Warner Music, Muse and their management hold no responsibility for the use of this service.
  2. There has been a lot of conversation in various theads about how rough it can get in the pit. Some Musers' concert experience was ruined because they had a difficult time in the pit, rude/pushy people near them, etc. You have to know what to expect and be prepared for it, or you too will have a miserable time. I will quote Solarbell's post from the Vegas thread, contains lots of good info: I would add a few more helpful hints: The GA/pit is great, a really intense concert experience, but you have to be ready to take the punishment that comes with it. It really helps if you work out and have enough muscle power and stamina to brace yourself on the barrier or hold your ground in a crowd for the duration, which ends up being several hours. If you're not physically strong, you probably won't have a good time. Must also mention the pre-gig hydrating, then several hours of fluid restriction so you don't have to go whiz and leave your precious barrier spot! Bring snacks in your pockets to stave off hypoglycemia. And it's the few idiots (like the drunk girls in heels behind us in Vegas, moaning that their feet hurt: duh! wear sensible shoes! You will be standing in one square foot of space on hard cement for several hours) that make it miserable for everyone. Couldn't believe last night in Seattle, one real genius gal crowdsurfing in spike-heeled boots! Chucks with a good supportive insole insert are a popular choice. Wear sturdy jeans and a tee or tank; it gets hot! You will likely be drenched with sweat, much of it not your own! If you have long hair, bring an elastic to tie it up if you get too hot. Don't bring bags or coats, leave them in the car or at coat check. Put everything (basics only; money, camera, phone) in your pockets, or use a little camera case with a long strap that you can wear bandolero-style; you can put key/credit card/chapstick/granola bar in there. It all comes down to preparation. If you are claustrophobic and will panic if you are crushed from all sides and/or lifted right off your feet, get seats. If you are tiny and won't be able to see over people (yes, the 6'4" guys want to be down front too), get seats. If you want to wear a mini and heels, get seats. If you want to come to the gig drunk/high, get seats. Part of the whole pit experience is how crazy and physical it gets, but make sure you are prepared. It's a rock concert, not a picnic! More good advice from Jamie_H: My GA top tips: 1. Don't be that guy/girl that has a backpack on their back. Nobody likes that person. 2. Everyone is getting pushed, but that doesn't give you the right to jump into people's back when you have enough space to rock out without smashing into others. I will hit you. 3. No. I can't give you anymore room. There are a few thousand people who would like some more room. Deal with it. 4. Sing in tune. 5. Boyfriends; Don't complain that i'm being pushed up against your girlfriend. There is nothing I can do about it. I know you feel like you need to assert your dominance in front of your girlfriend, but stop it. 6. Single girls; If I make polite conversation whilst being pressed up against a personal place then I am trying to make it a little less awkward, not come on to you. Unless you want me to, in which case that's cool too.
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