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  1. Hi i am wondering if you will be attending the sacramento show?


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    2. gocanux


      Nope -- I had a ticket I bought for Kayla in KC, but then she couldn't attend so I sold it.  Are you in the PNW?

    3. kblow1


      Yep, I’m in Burien next to SeaTac airport.

      I wish they’d play Glorious,

      this will be Muse gig 31 for me, I am committed to at least 1 gig a tour.

      Do you have any insight as to why they have no dates for Portland, Seattle or Vancouver this tour??

    4. gocanux


      No clue about the PNW gigs -- hoping for fall.  And since Key Arena is undergoing renovation, guessing they will play at the Tacoma Dome, which is great!  Better acoustics, and I live in Tacoma!

  2. One GA for sale at our cost -- listed in MuseBay.
  3. Very clever indeed! Can't go anyway, but I LOVE puzzles! Takes me back to getting the MuseBike in the Great Anagram Escapade!

  4. Hi Gocanux


    I wondered if you have already sold the tickets for the 26th in London. If they're still available, I'd love to buy them.




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