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  1. Hi i am wondering if you will be attending the sacramento show?


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    2. gocanux


      Nope -- I had a ticket I bought for Kayla in KC, but then she couldn't attend so I sold it.  Are you in the PNW?

    3. kblow1


      Yep, I’m in Burien next to SeaTac airport.

      I wish they’d play Glorious,

      this will be Muse gig 31 for me, I am committed to at least 1 gig a tour.

      Do you have any insight as to why they have no dates for Portland, Seattle or Vancouver this tour??

    4. gocanux


      No clue about the PNW gigs -- hoping for fall.  And since Key Arena is undergoing renovation, guessing they will play at the Tacoma Dome, which is great!  Better acoustics, and I live in Tacoma!

  2. One GA for sale at our cost -- listed in MuseBay.
  3. GA floor tickets are sold out; the $399 (each!) superVIP tickets are the only ones still on sale for the GA floor. We have 2 for sale for what we paid ($97.99 + $21.85 in obscene fees!) on MuseBay. We have been to that venue before; they had one of the best queueing and entry procedures I have seen at 75 Muse gigs.
  4. Is anyone driving up from LA for the NoCal shows?
  5. Will anyone be driving up from LA for the Sacramento and Oakland shows?
  6. Muse just don't get it. We ALL want to hear a rarity or two in a setlist. We travel to see them and hear the same songs in every gig. And ONE GIG gets this setlist? http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/muse/2016/auditorium-stravinski-montreux-switzerland-43ff8f6f.html
  7. Anyone planning on a weekend in Vienna? We have 2 primo tickets for the Vienna Boys Choir on Sunday, 09:15 at Hofburgkapelle. Paid 72 EUR for the pair-- make me an offer! Seats are in the R balcony, front row.
  8. Sadly we won't be joining you at this gig, but friends who attended the Muse gig there in 2013 said the GA entry was a mess! Yes, there is a queue outside, but there is a second queue accessed from the parking garage. In theory both are let in at once, but that doesn't always work out. I hope you get your spot! At least there are no GA's in VIP, only seats. Good luck!
  9. 2 PRIMO VIP seats to sell, block 73 row 2!! Paid €400; will accept €350 or any reasonable offer for the pair. VIP package includes party with food and bar, access to the MUSEum, limited-edition poster, early access to merch, and the best seats in the arena. We had GA's (now sold) but bought the VIP seats when my husband was injured. He's improving but he can't travel so have to sell. It would be a shame for such great seats to go to waste. This production should be seen at least once from the seats, to fully be able to view all of the visuals. The VIP passes can be transferred to the buyer via CID, the company that runs the VIP program, with name, email, phone. I accept PayPal and am a trustworthy long-time Muser since 2004; can provide references on request!
  10. I don't speak/read German, sorry. But we have tickets to sell at our cost for the Muse gig in Vienna on 9 May. We have 2 GA's; also 2 VIP's (2nd row in block 73, outstanding seats!). We bought the seats after my husband was injured, but he still is unable to travel so all must be cancelled. We also have 2 great seats for Vienna Choirboys at Mass on 8 May to sell. Help!
  11. We now can't travel due to medical reasons; just put 2 GA tickets on MuseBay. pdf-file tickets, buyer can print at home. We also have a hotel reservation for the Holiday Inn across the street from the venue; will arrange for transfer to ticket buyer, if wanted. Best location for queueing, 2 minute walk! Edit, 26 April: tix are SOLD.
  12. We can't travel due to medical reasons (a fence fell on my husband's leg, leaving a large open wound; leg must remain elevated for 4-6 wks while it heals in). Bummed. 2 GA tix just posted on MuseBay. Also have 2 tickets to Vienna Boys Choir the day before the gig, 9:15 AM, performing the Mozart Coronation Mass. Cost us €72 -- no reasonable offer refused. Get in the spirit of Vienna! Edit, 26 April: tix are SOLD.
  13. We were hoping that Nothing But Thieves would be opening in Vienna, but no -- they will be performing in our home town, Seattle, on that day! Bummer!
  14. gocanux

    VIP tickets

    Any info on European VIP? In particular, I'm interested in the posters (if posters are given out, as they were in the US). Also, timing of entry, etc.
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