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  1. Well I was thinking some glitter and a baked maple - but birds-eyes and gloss would also work
  2. Does anybody know if you can add custom necks to the MA series? And by any chance what the charge?
  3. quick question here If I can get the Echo Pro for 180£ - should I go for it? I don't really need it - but since it's a legacy product and all it might be nice to have? I used to have the DL-4 and loved it
  4. anybody know what presets on the kaoss pad Morgan uses during e.g. nishe and during outro parts? also what matt uses during new born/supermassive considering purchasing a kaoss pad / kaossilator but would be nice to know which one delivers what
  5. Guys, what would you value this at? Spoiler alert: He is asking 1400 gbp ShowShow %2$s
  6. What I tend to do when I wanna do something new is learning some interesting scale and then incorporate a simple chord progression fiddling around with it finding cool stuff. An example can be the Cm scale, where I'd fool around with Cm, Fm, and G. Here you can play darkshines, hoodo, hyper music and tons of muse stuff if you add a chord or two. Add Cm, Fm, Bb, E#, Cm, Fm, G at the end for some fun. Same progression can be used in other keys. Only thing is that its easier to play in Cm. Thanks! Almost felt as if I scammed the guy.. The MP8ii luckily has amazing hardware, so with the right samples it'll sound beast. All I need now is to DIY a white piano shell
  7. Yeah, called him up the moment I saw the ad. Also got a chair and a stand worth about 300$ included, so I guess the guy was just eager to get rid of it. I paid about 3400$ for my MP11, so I guess the price used to lie around 2-3000$ for a new MP8ii. Aaaand you don't need lessons. Just play for yourself and watch youtube
  8. I went over to the guy and bought his MP8ii earlier today. It was just too good of a bargain to be true; 350$... I own the 11 from before, but didn't bring it with me when I moved, so I wont get to compare them any time soon. However, the keys on the 8ii did feel different from how I remember the 11. Somewhat lighter, as the 11 is weighted more like a true grand. Maybe thats why Matt sticks to the 8ii. However, sound wise they're night and day. Samples on the 11 are much better, and I'll probably purchase some steinway samples and either upload them to the 8ii or run them through midi. Anyway, I'm quite satisfied with the purchase.
  9. Couldn't find any piano thread som I'll be posting here. Matt has been using the Kawai MP8ii for years, and I'm curious to find out why he (considering the tech geek he is) hasn't upgraded to the MP10 or MP11. A chap here I live is selling his MP8ii, and I'd also like to know what you guys think; should I go for it?
  10. Yeah its kinda hard to tell what guitar it is, but if you pause and look closely you'll see that the neck pickup, tuners, bridge, knobs and strap buttons are all original Cort parts. So there's no doubt.
  11. I just watched the music vid for psycho and noticed around 5:00 that matt was pissing at the cort Is this some symbolic act or does he think it is crap? He hasn't used any of the 5 guitars he ordered live either.
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