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  1. See. I can still be a muser.
  2. The sets were 15 odd songs long and the band were charging £40/50 for unremarkable sets in unremarkable venues.
  3. When was the last time it looked like Muse were in touch with their fanbase though?
  4. how are they still getting away with only playing 19 actual songs for that price?
  5. There'll be a bunch of press there. It's a show to promote the arena tour.
  6. Noisey wrote about this earlier today http://noisey.vice.com/en_uk/blog/where-have-all-the-music-messageboards-gone?utm_source=noiseyfbuk
  7. http://www.upsetmagazine.com/albums/muse-drones/
  8. Really? I thought it sounded ace. I adored the jagged stutter it had.
  9. The show was recorded. It's just if they do anything with it
  10. Photos of Download up now! http://www.upsetmagazine.com/features/download-festival-2015-saturdays-live-updates-photos-and-more/
  11. Photos of Muse at Download http://www.upsetmagazine.com/features/download-festival-2015-saturdays-live-updates-photos-and-more/
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