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  1. Content is blocked in Germany. Of course. Unblocking takes forever.
  2. Oh and we were so annoyed with the security guy in front of us. People on the opposite side had signs hanging over the barrier and we had the protester's flag with us from the Resistance tour but were not allowed to let it show at all or even raise it up to our necks.
  3. I thought it was pretty underwhelming. Just average in comparison to many other gigs which is a bit sad because this tour I am only doing one gig and came to London for it.
  4. It's just really odd that the order hasn't been confirmed or anything. I wouldn't know if everything was even ok with the ordering process. Edit: Just checked the browser history and after ordering another window opened with the confirmation. Just not used to never getting an email about it Wonder when it will come?
  5. Did anybody actually receive the cd yet? Ordered mine a while ago but never got an email confirmation or anything.
  6. Einafets

    Psycho UK Tour

    Finally got the code and now it doesn't find tickets for Brighton Are they gone?
  7. Only managed to take a vid of Sunburn From the B stage barrier. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTXihFJQRDo
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