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  1. I wouldn't put too much faith in that, but it'd be good to have a new perspective on the Muse sound.
  2. If there are any vocal problems, it probably won't be because of his vocal chords "going", more likely because he's just not keeping them exercised properly.
  3. Showbiz Knights Of Cydonia Time Is Running Out Map Of The Problematique City Of Delusion Butterflies And Hurricanes Cave (Piano) Hoodoo Megalomania Apocalypse Please Hysteria Supermassive Black Hole Agitated into Dead Star Citizen Erased Bliss ----------------------------- Endlessly Plug In Baby Stockholm Syndrome
  4. Falling Down always strikes me as the song Muse forgot about, yet tried to remake with Guiding Light. It'd be a good encore opener, and they could make the full band sections of it sound huge if they really wanted to.
  5. If mods have taken an action they will have had good reason to do so. If you are unhappy with something a mod has done, take it up with the mod team via PM. Pointlessly arguing about pointless arguments is pointless, and may only serve to land more of you in trouble.
  6. If you see someone who you think is being a dick to others, best thing to do is report them and let the mods deal with them. If you respond it just gives them more excuses to keep being dicks. Welcome to the boards!
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