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  1. That was absolutely awesome. Loved the setlist and thought the crowd was fantastic (had a great view of the mosh pit and everyone just seemed so happy). The new songs are incredible live and I'm on such a high.
  2. What do you guys reckon the chances are of them announcing a second date? I was all prepped and geared up to get tickets at 10am and got through, but was so confused about whether the Enhanced Experience people would all get the best seats/barrier positions first, that I talked myself out of it. Kind of regretting it now that I understand it all a bit better.
  3. I love it. Putting it up there with my favourite Muse songs of all time.
  4. Holy craps, that was an amazing gig! Managed to get in to the golden circle (was the last person given a wrist band that the security guard picked off the floor for me <3) and omg...haven't been that close to Matt in..well...ever! Such a great night. Ahhhh.
  5. I like your tone, please tell me this is true.
  6. Is anyone planning on getting there for 7? Does that sound about right? I have no idea what to even...
  7. My printer keeps leaving off the very last part of the ticket page where it says Thank you for choosing TicketFast (printer image). The rest is perfect and that's the only part that is sort of cut off. Do you reckon they might turn me away because it's not 'entire' or am I being paranoid?? lol
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