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Just found this made :LOL:. But I so want some:yesey::D




'In addition to her friends, Rossetto found inspiration in the English alternative-rock band Muse, as in "Muse is my inspiration," which is posted on her website. In paying homage to the band, she subtly mixed their song titles into her expanding flavor line.


Raspberry Vanilla Uprising, anyone?


Chocolate Hysteria? (Dark chocolate, chocolate chunks and cayenne pepper.)


Champagne Rosemary Resistance?


Lemon Bliss? (Lemon, white chocolate and almonds.)


"The Lemon Bliss is very refreshing for the summer," she said.


It also happens to be her favorite flavor, followed closely by Chocolate Hysteria.'




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Are they biscuits for cheese?



:LOL: *insert own joke about muse crackers here*


Biscuits? :wtf: The article says biscotti! :chuckle: Totally different... Anyways, that's pretty awesome, and if I'm ever in Denville, New Jersey I'll make sure to stop by her bakery and try them all! :D


The woman's bonkers. Assassin truffles haha she'll have the CIA confiscating her choccies "for (nomnom) national (nomnomnom) security ma'am" ... She says that she didn't like biscotti being hard & crunchy, so decided to make them softer. But aren't biscotti MEANT to be hard&crunchy - so they're good for dunking? What she's made is slices of biscuity-cake. Erm slices of cookie as fas as I can tell...


I'm a bit disappointed actually. I was expecting Muse SHAPED biccies at least, if not decorated like them too!! :rolleyes::LOL:

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