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  1. Hi everyone, I'm looking to sell my collection of early Muse singles. Some of them are even quite rare. The cds are not new, but all play with no problems. The cd jewel cases have some light scratches as expected with their age, as do some cds and I think one has a 1 cm crack in the corner. Some of them are as new. If interested I can give you more details on the individual cds. I would like to sell the collection for $200 AUD (Plus postage to be calculated according to your location.) My research has the collection worth $450-$580 AUD. I really cannot be bothered selling each one individually, so I'll willing to take the loss. I'm located in Australia Please contact if interested, I loved owning these but I'm moving 1,700 kms and need to downsize Sarah
  2. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :xmas:

  3. Oh definetely! there are so many hot skinny british guys. For example Pete Doherty - but you either love him or hate him xD i love him personally...

  4. Guys can totally be hot and skinny. Esp if they are called Matt and they are a British musician :eyebrows:

  5. Well thats just splendid:P i know the picture you mean now but dayum its worth pretending. I dont care that he's skinny, imo hes HOT.

  6. He has a top on, black low cut and ripped open. :eyebrows: It's so fab because it can be. I love the pic :happy:

  7. I mean the one thats your dp, topless and pink hair ^_^ why so fab?

  8. Which picture do you mean? Was it one i posted in the PMT? Sorry, but i post so many pics in all sorts of places :chuckle:

    I'm fabulous thanks :awesome:

  9. Where even is it from?:) i swear ive never seen it before, and the hair just makes it extra amazing:D

    Im wicked thanks!:D how are you?

  10. Hello there! Indeed :yesey: How are you?

  11. I thought that when i wrote it! :LOL:

    It is sad they are endangered, but there isn't a lot we can do.

    Living on a farm isn't as great as you think! There is animal droppings everywhere & heaps of the animals smell so bad! (I loved it when i found out about Matt's love for farms ;) )

    You could probably get horse lessens very easily. :) Costly tho :indiff:

  12. Lions, tigers, bears, oh my! (Haha sorry I HAD to do that :p )

    Nice choices though! I find tigers to be beautiful, especially white ones. I wanna save tigers :'( !!!

    You used to live on a farm? AHHH I'm so jealous! That's amazing! (Even the great Matthew Bellamy wants to retire on a farm haha). I never rode a horse but I really want to. I love black stallions too <333

  13. I like tigers & lions :happy: They are just so powerful. I used to live on a farm with 4 horses. They are beautiful animals. It's fun riding them. Have you ridden a horse?

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