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  1. Tbh I'm surprised they even remembered they had made some of those songs. All in all I believe that crazy setlist is a positive sign! Especially after Matt's tweets.
  2. I was looking through the videos of the old Kaisaniemi, Helsinki gig from 2010, and I was pretty shocked to see the difference in energy compared to the two gigs I saw of the Drones tour. I mean yeah, the Helsinki gig felt really special then too (even though it the setlist was not out of this world and they played only 1,5h), but even the nostalgia factor thrown out, the vibe was still noticeably different. Amazing, that's exactly it.
  3. I know, my problem is just with the loudness and the constancy of it. Criticism is good and in this case totally justified, but it gets tiring when people feel the need to just beef. (Not directed directly at you Gems.)
  4. Tintin


    I think Mercy has gone right up to my top 10 Muse songs tbh.
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