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Favourite quotes from Muse songs.


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"and paradise comes at a price that i am not prepared to pay"


"the good news is she can't have babies"


"you make me sick because i adore you so...."


"change everything you are and everything you were, your number has been called"


"they're watching you fom above!"


"wash me away"


"this is the end of the world!"


"Let your anger rise

And we’ll fly

And we’ll fall

And we’ll burn

No one will recall

No one will recall"


"I'll show you god falls asleep on the job"


"Your brain needs some assistance"

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All of Megalomania, Citizen Erased and Hoodoo.



"I'm sick of feeding my soul/To people who'll never know/Just how purposeless and empty they've grown/Because their language confuses/Like computers refuse to/Understand how I'm feeling today"


"Can you see that I am needing/Begging for so much more/Than you could ever give/And I don’t want you to adore me/Don’t want you to ignore me"


"And I'll hide from the world/Behind a broken frame/And I'll run forever/I can't face the shame"


"Don't grow up too fast/And don't embrace the past/This life's too good to last/And I'm too young to care"

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'Wash me away, clean your body of me...' from CE, you guys know the rest :LOL:

It's mainly the way they're sung though; my favourite lyrics on their own are probably

'Faith, it drives me away/ But it turns me on, like a strangers love/ It rockets through the universe/ It fuels the lies, it feeds the curse/ Believes we could be glorious' from Glorius. It really explains how it feels to be a sort of outsider to religion; to not really know what you believe in, but feeling like there's something like that, that's external, but also within you and humanity :$ ...

/getting deep up in this thread

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  • "Wash me away/Clean your body of me/Erase all the memories/They only bring us pain"- Citizen Erased
  • "And I've had recurring nightmares/That I was loved for who I am" - Hoodoo
  • "'Cause I was born to destroy you" -Hate This and I'll Love You
  • "They're watching you from above" - Bliss
  • "And I know the moment's near/And there's nothing we can do" -Thoughts of a Dying Atheist
  • "I'm young but I know when I'm aroused" -Overdue

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"Fate can't decide/Alignment of the planets in your hands/Come on crush our plans"-Futurism


'Our freedom's consuming itself/What we've become/Is contrary to what we want"-Take a Bow


"Love is our resistance"-Resistance


"Leave me alone, it's nothing serious/I'll do it myself, it's got nought to with you/And there's still nothing you could do"-Cave


"Do what the fuck you want to/There's no one to appease"-Panic Station


"Spread our codes to the stars/You must rescue us all"-Exogenesis: Cross-Pollination


"And do you think you deserve your freedom?/No, I don't think you do"-Soldier's Poem


"Break me in/Teach us to cheat/And to lie, and cover up/What shouldn't be shared"-Citizen Erased


"I'm collapsing in stellar clouds of gas"-Big Freeze


And all of "Map of the Problematique", "Glorious", and "Invincible".

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"Give me all the peace and joy in your mind"

"Everything about you resonates happiness, now I won't settle for less." -Bliss


"I hope you've seen the light, 'cause no one really cares, they're just pretending."

"Say, it'll make you insane, and I'm bending the truth."

"But you can keep the bad days." -The Small Print


"Losing control, increasing pace."

"Assassin is born." (the backing vocals are brilliant)

"You must actualise, the first attack." -Assassin (Original extended version)


"Chase your dreams away, Glass needles in the hay, the Sun forgives the clouds, you are my holy shroud."

"I just don't care if it's real, that won't change how it feels." -Eternally Missed


"And we'll fly, and we'll fall, and we'll burn."

"And we'll love, and we'll hate, and we'll die." -Stockholm Syndrome


"I can't get it right, since I lost you." -MOTP live


"And tonight we can truly say, together we're invincible." -Invincible


"I only dream of you, and you never knew." -Sing for Absolution


"We're bound together, now and forever. The loneliness has gone." -Aftermath


"But I won't give you up, I won't let you down, and I won't leave you falling. But the moment never comes." -Endlessly

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I have no tattoos yet but

“Do it on your own, it makes no difference to me / What you leave behind, what you choose to be.”

”All the scars on your skin - post no bills.”

These will be on me somewhere someday. Even set aside from analysing ‘good lyrics and bad lyrics’, I love these two as quotes and they stand out above everything else for me in that sense. They both hit a really touching level of intimacy that’s rare with Matt’s style imo, like something only someone very close to you could say. They float around my head all the time, whether I’m on a Muse binge or not.

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"Doubts will try to break you
Unleash your heart and soul
Trouble will surround you
Start taking some control
Stand up and deliver
Your wildest fantasy
Do what the fuck you want to
There's no one to appease"

I'm so found of this whole verse of Panic Station :)

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"Don't let the sun in your heart decay" - Big Freeze


"Don't waste your time or time will waste you" - Knights of Cydonia


"You've got to be the best and you've got to change the world and use this chance to be heard" - Butterflies and Hurricanes


"I don't need another map of you head"


"Paradise comes at a price that I am not prepared to pay" - Megalomania


"On the outside you're ablaze and alive but you're dead inside" - Dead Inside

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