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  1. Dom & Floyd & Matt in Cassis, France after Muse's gig in Marseille.
  2. I was in the VIP floor, Chris' side, on Friday and Saturday. But I took part in crowdfunding the projet
  3. He looks nice... Well sorry, he's not my kind, so I can't truly appreciate, even though I love his madness on stage. It's so funny... Two days ago he was so happy with the surprise we made them, that he threw his guitar 5 times in a raw XD
  4. Pourrais-tu traduire ton post s'il te plait, pour qu'il touche plus de monde ? Nous sommes nombreux a avoir été affecté par ce choix pour les concerts. Si tu as besoin d'aide pour la traduction, envoie-moi un MP.
  5. I guess the cost was so huge they just gave up XD Well, when I say "gave up" I mean, "put it somewhere aside in their childish heads for later"... They don't seem to be the kind to let go of anything that funny... We're speaking of guys dressing like this :
  6. Hi guys, as we are a lot in the world I wondered if we could launch big projects for the sake of our favorite band : stadium animation (TIFOs and other...), lip dubs, covers with lots of fans, charity collects... Please feel free to discuss any idea in this topic !
  7. Hi guys, we are a really big community worldwide and most of us only know each others on the internet... I thought it would be greet to meet in real life. It's easy in France for we have an official fan-club that does gatherings from time to time but it lokks like few countries have the same. So in this topic we'll be able to create calls for international / per country gatherings.
  8. It's a screenshot from a video : https://youtu.be/HTf5rHL9xuI at 1:53... Complete amp debauchery... 🍆 🔥
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