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  1. France still has a fan-club for the record.
  2. I'm so happy about Paris being in 4 weeks 😻 I'm a late fan so I'll be seeing them for the first time! I can't wait!
  3. "Doubts will try to break you Unleash your heart and soul Trouble will surround you Start taking some control Stand up and deliver Your wildest fantasy Do what the fuck you want to There's no one to appease" I'm so found of this whole verse of Panic Station
  4. Besides, journalists love to reuse the things that have been published elsewhere, instead of digging for another answer themselves. No wonder the reference to Matt's uncle is everywhere...
  5. It may sound simple to you, yet the result is extremely powerful and coloful. Anyway, Matt seems to be the only artist in the GOT album that has trully seen the series...
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