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    Hi, I'm Chris , an aspiring lighting designer and programmer ) in the world of live music or theatre. I am currently studying a creative lighting control uni course in outer London. I enjoy playing the piano and (attempting) to create songs, although I don't really have enough time to keep this up D:. I used to be a horse rider
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    lighting design , technical theatre , listening to music, reading, and a lot of uninteresting things.. I used to be a horse rider
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    Five Finger Death Punch
    The 1975
    Green Day
    30 seconds to mars
    Hans Zimmer
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    Daft Punk
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    The Batman Trilogy
    James Bond
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    I don't actually watch much TV :O but when I do, things like..
    Doctor Who
    Never Mind The Buzzcocks
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    oh god, too many to possibly remember :O
    Harry Potter series
    The Hunger Games series
    The Inheritence Cycle
    and many many more...
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    The 2nd Law (double pack)
    Origin of Symmetry
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    Black Holes and Revelations
    Live at Rome
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    27/10/12 - o2 arena london. night 2
    26/5/13 - Emirates night 2
    11/4/16 - o2 arena London
  1. Here is a quick lighting show that I designed when we had a bit of spare time at the theatre I work at, I thought I may as well share it here, enjoy! :
  2. I think the style of the performance and the music itself just lends itself really well to being presented in that sort of way - I always think it seems as if the lighting and visuals have sort of merged to make it feel as part of the song rather then something that's just accompanying it , e.g. seeing muse and greenday at the emirates last year : the production elements of muses gig merged to make it feel like one joint experience (does that make any sense, probably not..) whereas the lighting and stage for greenday just felt like it was accompanying (although obviously I know they're two different types of bands, I just thought I'd compare since I saw them both at the same venue) and also their designs are always very lighting focussed , much more so than most other bands
  3. so that's where I've seen it since ..... , maybe not then haha
  4. Muse have some of the best lighting I have ever seen and a LOT of fixtures, the reason you probably don't notice it as much is because it's designed in a way so that the visual design and lighting blend into one which I personally love Would be interesting to see what it looks like with less of a focus on video though - something I thought would look quite cool would be if they had tonnes of smaller screens above them which would move around into different formations throughout the gig, but would be more focused on lighting in terms of visuals like you said ... pretty sure I've seen someone doing this since then though , lol
  5. My favourites are probably the 2nd law arena stage for the automation of the pyramid and how well the lighting was incorporated into it to work with the visuals on it, and the video panels surrounding the front of the stage and the bowl around the back - it just blended into one another so well .. the unsustainable tour stadium stage for similar reasons and how well themed the whole power station thing was, especially the led strips running around the outside of the chimneys and some other lighting stuff I wont go into ... but it just felt like they had a lot more freedom to move around than on the previous stadium tour and for it's utter simplicity in design but mixed with how brilliantly it worked - the origin of symmetry reading and leeds stage. It felt really stripped back whilst looking fantastic, the scale of the screen at the back mixed with the visuals on it worked really well especially for new born.. and the way that the pitchforks were lit with leds. Also the idea of starting the song with the cyc in and projecting their silhouettes was so so simple but really effective - I think they should do more of the "not over complicating things but at the same time making it look good" I also like the festival stage they've just been using for it's simplicity and how stripped back it is. I think muse need to have that stripped back look a lot more sometimes ..
  6. Where I "work" we had one or two hours spare, so very quickly scrapped this together (so obviously not perfect and the last minute or so is improvising from previous cues! haha) designed by me and "programmed" into the lighting desk by someone else ... thought I may as well post this here for a few more people to .. hopefully .. enjoy
  7. Muse for me were the first band that allowed me to really "find" my style / taste in music. Also as a young lighting / sound technician I feel that my lighting style would be completely different today had I not discovered their pretty epic lighting, visuals and stages.. and how it all blends so well together with the music rather than just being something thats there to accompany. Also I suppose the amount of thought that they put into how their live shows will work and putting certain songs together is something that in the past has sort of driven me to do the same on my own shows - and definitely with experimentation and trying out new things. (such a fanboy post, lol )
  8. I'm pretty sure in arenas they use a mechanical lift , so it literally just rises up from under the stage (sad that I noticed this at my arena gig, but hey I was seated at the back so had a whole stage to look at )
  9. If they did like a slow closer type thing like Green Day do, then I think Exo part 3 could be great in that position.. but I guess it depends where it's played ... would be like a nice back to earth moment after something like stockholm / knights / survival / whatever. But I do love them ending with massive numbers like survival / knights / stockholm though
  10. That was genuinely one of the best things I have ever witnessed Wasn't intending to be so far forward, but since we arrived early we managed to get about two rows from the barrier on Matts side. I thought the crowd were really into it there, lots of jumping around, singing along etc - lots of fun to be had! haha, if you were by barrier on Matts side then that was our glowsticks were you the guy randomly prodding my friend with a glowstick? haha Thought it was a great setlist, been waiting to hear songs such as butterflies and hurricanes and sunburn for an age, so glad we got them. Of course all the usual songs were great, knights, tiro, pib, stockholm, need I go on? was lovely to hear blackout as well, thought it sounded lovely (and the lightbulb was pretty darn cool) , unintended was pretty nice too. Obviously it would've been good if they had split up some of the slow songs, but to be honest I quite liked it because it was a breather for me The only bits I thought were a bit odd was the woman during feeling good, didn't think that really worked. Same with the random coffins during UD Quite liked the banker during animals though / the muse money Starlight wasn't as bad a closer as I was expecting, obviously something heavier would have been better - but since we knew it was the last song I think we all just screamed our lungs out at the front And of course as usual the lighting , pyros and visuals were as good as always, I liked how the stage was pretty stripped back but still looked extremely good Only thing I will say is that the bass during dizzees set absolutely killed my ears (standing right in front of a line array set of speakers) he was slightly better than expected (still not amazing though really) , was pretty impressed by the 1975 though, they seemed to take to the stage well for such a small band. Anyhows - until next time
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