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  1. Simulation Theory at the Olympic Stadium was SO full on with technology and audiovisuals that I was hoping they didn't run into technical issues! I always wondered if Matt could see the slightest thing with those chunky LED glasses on On a slightly image related note, I had a massive poster printed on tough vinyl of one of my musical hero's (Al Jourgensen of Ministry), and it's accompanied me through aot of crazy times, more house moves than I can remember! It even got stolen my a dodgy landlord, which almost resulted in a brawl at a building site to get it back, absurd situation... Either way, I absolutely love this one image of Chris, is just sums up everything he embodies about the experience and passion of how he plays bass on stage. I've just ordered a Status Graphite bass, so every morning when I wake up, I look at this massive poster of Chris looking like an absolute badass, and think "Yeah... That whole vibe that image immortalised, that ultimate high of living for the moment, playing music is what I live for".
  2. "Vengeance is Mine", Matt just casually quoting God there.... Only Matt could quote God himself and pull it off
  3. I've got a pretty mad relationship with Muse in the dream world, spesifically Matt, in some weird esoteric form. Listening to certain songs under the influence of a hypnagogic psychoactive that causes the most deeply odd experiences, including somehow feeling that Matt was encouraging me to have the confidence to start singing. So I took his "advice", and it really meant a lot to me. Very very odd
  4. 1. An copy (literally a copied unlabed CD) that I found at home. 2. Absolution! 3. Tied between, Hysteria (I'm into heavy music of all descriptions, and Hysteria is heavy!) and Stockholm Syndrome. 4. Absolution, Origin Of Symmetry, Simulation Theory, Drones, Black Holes, Showbiz, 2nd Law and Resistance
  5. Definitely got to be the bass tone and melody for The Dark Side, it's so obviously bass, but the octave effect makes half the octaves totally ambiguous and synthy, it fits so flawlessly with the song, and the rest of the understated synth bass parts. That and the little flourishes Chris does towards the end of Showbiz! Love em
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